Friday, November 17, 2006

It goes down but not all around...

Mercs and Beamers
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So it just ended.

Pak Lah's winding up speech was actually quite good but I doubt it if many listened as I see their faces slump into an afternoon siesta.

On Wednesday, Pak Lah said "Kerajaan ada wang" ie. the government has money.

But does the money get to where its most needed?

I got out of PWTC to take a breather and saw why it may not be necessarily so.

I found out that some UMNO members who get to sit inside the main hall are extremely wealthy with fancy and hot cars while the other members who are bussed from their villages have to make do with walls and carpets outside the main hall.

Just a quick count of the cost of the cars I mananged to take pictures of today were quick and dirty figure totalling to approximately RM5million.

Now that's enough to add 100 recipients/companies to the Cradle Invesment Program (CIP) grant.

Pak Ciks by the wall
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Mak Ciks on the Floor
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If I was a mak cik or pak cik from the kampungs I'd say for UMNO to contribute that much amount of money to help Bumi CIP applicants.

And not give it to some via hand-out projects whose money never go around.

The money mostly stays with these few selfish people,

You can catch the rest of the pictures here.

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