Friday, November 10, 2006

Titillatin' T-Shirt Quotes for the UMNO General Assembly

As Mat Merah and I sat down eating some mean Sup Tulang with mini nasi lemaks in remote Bangi he came up with a very entrepreneurial idea to sell T-Shirts with quotes for the up and coming UMNO General Assembly.

Funny what new source of news and information can make you think of. What's this source? SMS of course!

These are the top 10 for the MongolGate edition:

  1. Warning! Sex with a Malaysian can be a blast (this is copyrighted to a certain JQ)
  2. I'm a Malaysian VIP, fuck with care
  3. If you see the Malaysian VIP bodyguard in your bedroom, call the bomb squad
  4. VIP nak main puki, jangan banyak cakap, nanti mulut meletup
  5. 3 good things you can do when you see a VIP with his mistress: a) shut-up b) forget c) get out of the country
  6. 3 bad things you can do when you see a VIP with his mistress: a) tell people b) take photos c) ask for money
  7. Warning! This VIP Mistresses Complex in filled with landmines. Do not enter or leave
  8. Job Vacancy: Bodyguard for VIP needed. Old one in jail. Must be familiar with explosives
  9. Saya VIP. Saya mengorat awek cun sahaja. Awek cun luar negeri diterima.
  10. Are you a beautiful woman? Lonely? Dial 1-300-888-VIP for a blast of a time... for life.
Update 12/11/2006: Some readers have emailed in their quotes but wished to remain anonymous. They just want to share their joys of creativity. Guys, thanks for the contribution, don't worry, it's still a RM5 per shirt commission! ;)

11. Warning: loving a malaysian can be an explosive affair
12. Blow me or i'll blow you up
We now accept orders of RM30 per T-shirt. Just leave a comment to order your size, colour and quote of choice.

RM5 from each T-Shirt will be donated to the Mongolian Orphanages Trust Fund.

If you have a quote you would like to sell to us, please also leave it the comment. We will pay you RM5 for every t-shirt sold with your quote.

Next Stock: Titillatin' T-Shirt Quotes KlangGate Edition!

*All t-shirt quotes unless stated are copyrighted to SiPM

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