Tuesday, November 14, 2006

U-Turn Malaysia National Organisation

Today begins the biggest convention in Melayu Barualand.

The Party represents roughly 3million members and Najib proclaimed that it also guards the hopes of some other 12million Malays who are not members.

I am not so sure now, Dato Seri...

True to form, the UMNO General Assembly has shown why the Party has turned, worryingly, increasingly xenophobic.

The Orchestration of Malay Sentiments of the be-all or end-all is the once a year circus that many Malaysian constantly lament before being forced to pull ranks for the sake of national unity.

This year, the circus called in several U-turns:

  1. Bangsa Malaysia is not an accepted non racial philosophy. Johor MB Ghani Othman reminds us that Bangsa Malaysia "should be limited to the definition of the people of Malaysia with the Malays as the main race".
  2. Meritocracy is bad. We should get rid of it especially in strategic courses in education. Yes, even if the students are stupid. What ever happened to improving the education system? The way we teach? Less number of students per class? Better syllabi? No. Apparently we prefer stupid people.
  3. Bumiputera equity is not 36.6% as what was reported by Deputy Finance Minister Dr Awang Adek but Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Effendi Norwawi said it's 21.8%. So the NEP has really not meet its target. So we're gonna have keep on having it till we achieve national unity! Let's here it people let's discriminate some more and make all the other Malaysians happy so that we aalllll can be united like happy people!
But the best statement yet has to come from UMNO Youth today: UMNO Youth warns against racial politics.

Eh. I thought the practice of racial politics is the norm in this country?

It's like the Liberal Democrats saying do not practice liberal democray politics.

The U-turn circus is in town folks and it's here for week folks.

Enjoy the show!

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Anonymous said...

In Animal Farm, the meeting at the Barn was the beginning of the end. In the first few meetings, the number of animals start to increase but at the end, no one showed up.

The Malay Agenda lovefest known as the UMNO General Assembly is no different. The first not to show up is Dr. M. Eventually as the greed increase and coffer got less, less and less people will show up. Watch what happens when the trade and budget deficit start to grow and notice the numbers then.