Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Protesting Posers

Sometimes I wonder if we do really have genuine protesters at public demonstrations or are they simply professional demonstrators for hire?

Or even are they some twisted human beings who just love the smell and the taste of sweat or, in some cases where the demonstrations are illegal, the pepper spray?

Let's look at these two pictures.

Both are posted on Screenshots.

One is dated January 15th 2007 and the other February 4th 2007.

I guess spinners, be they mainstream newspapers or bloggers have to be careful with what they say or in this case, with which photos they put us.

As you know, a picture paints a thousand words, the two thousand words I get from these two pictures look somewhat suspicious and orchestrated.

While it's been said that these couple could be having two children with special needs, using the pictures wrongly could prove detrimental to them.

If it's true that they are hard hit by the tolls while taking care of their children with special needs, then the story must be carried out by those who took the pictures in the first place, highlighting their plight.

Otherwise their plight would be lost in all that demo noise.

That after all is part and parcel of responsible blogging, yes?

Blogging is not just all about rants and flaming posts...

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