Monday, June 18, 2007


No lah, krayan! Kita belum gulung tikar lagi!

But we are grateful for your priceless support and tickled pink with the thought of our digital demise.

Also priceless is the current crop of complaints of price hikes in our free market economy of Malaysia after a salary raise for civil servants. What gives?

Everyone has to make some money, no?

And if one cannot agree with the price for either goods or services, go to another vendor or better still, do without it.

This chap Sharizal Shaarani has a take on this about Astro's package subscription hikes while Citizen Nades from The Sun shed some light on price controls.

Which goes to show that the government has no control and should not control prices as there are no standards and measures for food sold to the public. Any price controls is artificial and gives a skewed view of living costs and the economy.

Yeah, just spend what you can afford. Cut out the pricey lattes - which no one seems to complain about - or the teh tarik at the corner mamak. Save all that money and blow it elsewhere!

Or shake your money maker for more dosh!


Dek Mat said...

whoah. ain't it lovely to be missed? mat merah, how's kl? moscow's rainy and gloomy. can't wait to tour the nuke facility in 2 hrs! =D

Anonymous said...

Alllrighttt! You're back. Before u get so big-headed, it's your video shows I missed lor.

As an average Msian, yes, i do find things becoming more and more expensive. Lux and latte I can do without, but what about basics? My omak came back from the pasar over the wknd, complaining that RM100 doesn't quite fill her bakul. And we were not buying udang or pomfret, ok. Omak says basic stuff like bawang merah/puteh , potatoes all cost a lot, lot more. Go look at the price of ikan bilis. So how?

And yet, and yet, I see on the road, many big cars, shiny new -- rexton, toureg, harrier. Malaysians are rich. So how?
Obviously, it's the average income family that's feeling the pinch.
Krayan, the kancil owner.

To dek mat: Joining the movers and shakers in russia, eh. If you're clinching a deal, just don't hire an interpreter. Nyet

Mat Merah said...

Our video shows eh! Cool!

Indeed, its the Average Joe and the not-so-average Joe that will feel the pinch from price hikes.

We understand that fully for RM100 does not go far these days, or for that matter RM1000.

Price controls and protectionism are part of the problem and of course, because consumers from other countries can afford to pay more for the fruits of our food production.

Also, prices of basic stuff like onions and garlic and spices and dry stuff are on the up and up because there is an upsurge in demand worldwide together with weather changes that have shrunk supplies.

It's all inter-related. I'd support higher wages just as much as I'd support prices that actually reflect the value of the item.

We live in curious times. We need a government that has a plan to make us and the country prosperous.

We owe that much to ourselves.