Wednesday, July 04, 2007

We are not the World

Its July 4, Independence Day in the United States of A today.

Cable stations are screening either Independence Day or Born on the Fourth of July. All quite contradictory really but so is the world we know today.

The American way is not getting converts in the Middle East although their soldiers and enemies fall in great numbers daily in Iraq. For truth and democracy when the President can commute the court sentence of an ally?

The Great Satan? Right.

Tell that to the Muslims on opposite sides of the divide in what is still considered Palestine, in insane Iraq, loony Lebanon or the Lal Mosque in paranoid Pakistan's Islamabad.

Heck, consider the Muslims in mad Malaysia, those who want Islamise the entire nation that even a restaurant cannot put up religious icons/verses/what-have-you for fear of God-knows-what?

And apostasy. Islam is Hotel California in Malaysia where one is born, bred and battered in the faith, or lack of faith for that matter.

Or the cowardly or courageous coterie in the United Kingdom, who can use constructive items like propane, petrol and nails - lacking in many countries especially in Iran - and use it for destructive reasons.

Doctors you say? Right.

Also the bloggers who for lack of any identity call themselves bloggers, try to live life first!

Especially for those who fight the fight, trying to change the change, well, too bad! Fight the urge to change the world. Change yourself first!

We are not the World!


Azer Mantessa said...
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Azer Mantessa said...

"Also the bloggers who for lack of any identity call themselves bloggers, try to live life first!"

hehehehe this is so so so me :D