Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Justice in the PM's Office

It was a dark and stormy... err day!

First, the police - in their congenital stupidity - tried to stop buses and private cars this morning from entering Putrajaya for the Walk with Justice march to protest and send a memorandum on the state of the Malaysian judiciary not least with exposure of a video on alleged judicial appointments conspiracy.

But that did not stop some 2,000 of us - most in de rigeur black and white - from walking from the Palace of Justice in the hot midday sun - like the March of the Penguins - into the rain outside the Prime Minister's Office in Putrajaya.

No, it didn't. Neither did the setting up of a three-man panel to investigate the authenticity of the video.

Be that as it may, it made me proud to see so many lawyers making their way to the Palace of Justice and walking down the entire avenue to the circus - in more ways than one - just before the Prime Minister's Office for the protest.

The funny part of course is that the lawyers were chanting "We Want Justice" in front of the Prime Minister's Office which I can only presume to mean that justice is wanting in the Palace of Justice.


But the riot police - in their infinite wisdom and congenital stupidity again - decided to cordon off the entrance to the Prime Minister's Office, presenting the image of a government under siege from the multitude of Happy Feet that marched to the circus next to the mosque.

Well. the memo was sent while the rest of us were soaked to the bone, first drenched in sweat and later with rain, during the standoff between the riot police and the parade of lawyers and supporters, most of whom were also dressed in black and white.

With the rain, the riot police did not have to use their water cannons but it also cooled the white balloons that were meant to be released to symbolise justice. Maybe, it was just ice!

No matter. The lawyers made their point!

As for the Siber Party of Malaysia (M), we would like to put on record our support for a full inquiry into the matter and punishment for the guilty. That would be stating the obvious.

Also, we think the police should learn to just let things be. None of us there were security threats to the nation and the unnecessary show of force shows what a farce the police are.

Just remember, we are a democracy and have a right to assemble peacefully and say our piece. Whether in America or Malaysia!

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