Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Anwar's Back But...

OhMyGawdOhMyGawdOhMyGawdOhMyGawdOhMyGawdOhMyGawd. Oh.My.Gawd.

Like, Did you see him? My Baldwin - Anwar Ibrahim - I mean. The last, like, time I saw him in action was nine years ago when he left Merdeka Square on the back of a motorcycle in a hurry.

And like, there he was again last Saturday, dressed in fabulous yellow on a motorcycle cutting through the crowd at the National Palace.

OhMyGodOhMyGawwddd!!! What a dish! What a dreamboat!

So, what now?

Like, what are we to make of this, you know? Like, he wants to be the dashing saviour of the tanahair?

Like, we are waiting you know? For solutions, ideas, proposals, like not pie-in-the-sky kinda talk but the real concrete stuff.

Otherwise, whateverrrrrrrrrrr, everyone will go vote for the devil they know, know what I am saying?

So, Anwar's back but... like, nothing concrete by way of providing an alternative. Gag me with a s SPOOOON already!

Bringing the crowd out is one thing but turning that into a force is another. Like, it could be a farce in a while!

And baby, if nothing happens, you'll be, unlike the Liverpool anthem, walking alone!

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