Monday, December 17, 2007

Love Is My Religion

So the Indian NGOs have made their request to the Prime Minister for a Non-Muslim Affairs Department and Najib responded that the government will look into it.

The Deputy Minisiter said, "We have the Islamic Affairs Department in the PM's Department because Islam is our official religion".

He also said, “We don’t have similar posts for a non-Islamic Affairs Department. However, we also give equal concern to other faiths, including fulfilling their needs for places of worship and other related matters."

It may seem simple enough and an acceptable explanation but a quick look at the almost 60 Prime Minister's Departments and Offices we also have

  • Department of Syariah Judiciary
  • Department of Zakat, Wakaf and Haji
  • Institute of Islamic Understanding
  • Pilgrims Fund Board
  • Syariah Court of Federal Territory
Unlike the present party in power, SiPM will not need to find a right mechanism to help non-muslims as we will not hesitate to implement a Non Muslim Affairs Department, because that is simply what they want and it's a good thing... so do vote for us! :)

But we will not stop there, we will also implement a Department of Love, because at SiPM, love is our religion.

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