Monday, May 26, 2008

Dr Mahathir is a failed Lee Kuan Yew

Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, you are a failed Lee Kuan Yew! Thank Heavens for that!

For many years from the 1970s until now, you have in your own way tried to be Mr Lee Kuan Yew - encouraging, directing, haranguing, ordering, telling, bullying and generally getting your own way in Malaysia as he did in Singapore.

Of course, short of measuring the distance between the trees that line the many roads in Kuala Lumpur as Harry Lee did in Singapore, if you are to believe the numerous taxi drivers plying its streets.

But you have done your darnest to be Lee Kuan Yew for the ends justify the means as Harry does truly believe, even if both of you profess to be believe in the rule of law.

And while in the past, you have professed to believe in a Bangsa Malaysia as set out in Vision 2020, just as Harry believes in Singapore for Singaporeans or Malaysia for Malaysians, you have now turned back to your racist outlook.

And in your retirement, you continued to be like Harry Lee by putting in a weaker leader so that you can continue to impose your patronising, condescending, imperious and dictatorial tone on Malaysia and Malaysians.

Well, you failed. You did not become a Minister Mentor or a Senior Minister. And your successor turned the other way and left you and your legacy in abeyance. You became a failed Lee Kuan Yew.

You might be a great Father of Modern Malaysia as Kuan Yew is Father of Modern Singapore but your children have outgrown you. We thank you for your time, leadership and vision.

But Tun, you are and have always been a man with a chip on his shoulder casting around to be indipensable to Malaysia as the man with the vision and mission to make us great.

You succeeded for 22 years, three months, two weeks and one day with your vision. But now you have cast aside that vision for short-term gains with your short-sighted vision to get rid of your succesor.

That's a vision that the Siber Party of Malaysia (M) does NOT share!


Praba Ganesan said...

Mahathir is one conniving fellow, he always has been like that.

If we question some of his thinking today, we all have to start pondering over all those things decided back then when he was in power.

Of the tree is rotten, are all its fruits also rotten?

Anonymous said...

Fuck you

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

That's really funny coming from a Chinese.

Mahathir never wants to be and never will be like anyone else.He's unique.Anyway why should you put him in the same shoes with Lee?He did things like defending Palestinian,Muslim nation and condemning Israel.I must forgot if Lee ever did that.

malaysianlover said...

Who are you trying to fool? "Lee Kuan Yew is a failed Dr Mahathir" is more like fact he is nowhere near.

red1 said...

By you comparing with Lee Kuan Yew and Singapore that way proves the point that Mahathir and Malaysia was written off and never meant to succeed under Malay led rule.

The uncanny thing is that it did, and gave a fright to Singapore. Imagine how it will look if Kiasu State lost the White Rock Island? But this is not about territory. This is about the odds of one state making it against the tide.

Singapore complies subserviently to worldy forces by been all efficient for bankers. It bankrupts its own opposition leaders. It harasses even if 4 were to assemble in its one street.

In Malaysia since Memali you can point a parang at the police. Here we handle law and order and a law and order way. We have harbeas corpus and we still have Karpal Singh.

Who and where is Singapore's Karpal Singh? Enough food for thought. You need to revise your comparison example to a better one than what you offered above.

Mat Merah said...

Praba, if we question his thinking then we have to go back to when he started out in politics. whatever he did was for political expediency and immortality.

As for a rotten tree, I have seen some fruits that are not rotten, It is not a case of not seeing the forest for the trees.

As for the first two anonymous, if that is your contribution to the debate, I'd suggest taking off your fingers from the keyboard and putting them on your crotch and do what comes naturally.

As for the third anonymous, there you go with your racist thinking that I am Chinese. I am Malaysian and if you do read the post well, Dr M is in no way in the same shoes as Harry Lee. I opined that he would like to be but has failed.

As for Palestine, Israel and such, I can only presume that is par for the course for all countries that have majority Muslim population.

Bear in mind that it is a political and humanitarian problem just as Darfur is also a problem. For that matter, how would you view the Acheh situation when they were fighting for an independent Muslim homeland or the Moros in Philippines?

As for Malaysianlover, I agree with you, Harry Lee is a failed Mahathir, you don't see megaprojects in the little red dot or him leaving the PAP in a huff, do you?

Red1, I compared Dr Mahathir and Harry Lee, not both the countries. Nor did I allude that Malaysia would fail under Malay rule, which is a misnomer as Malaysia is ruled by Malaysians no matter whether you or Dr M believe it is Malays that rule this nation.

All our prime ministers since Merdeka have been Malayan/Malaysian of Malay origins, so what is the problem?

We are a succesful nation. As for whether Singapore has a Karpal Singh, I point to J.B Jeyaratnam and company.

For what is said and done, I do respect Dr M but that does not detract the fact that he is a failed Lee Kuan Yew.

Good Day. Salam.

Anonymous said...

i don't want to be rude neither to teach you to be rude.Sadly i beleived your parents never teach you to be rude to. Whoever you are that say Dr.Mahathir is a failed Lee Kuan Yew he must be out of his mind, because Dr Mahathir is a GENIUS unlike Lee Kuan Yew. Why don't Lee Kuan Yew follow the steps of Dr.Mahathir to step down fully when hand over the prime minister post? He scared of so many things and of of the things is his greedy. You MUST BE SLEEPING AND OF COURSE A 'CHINESE' IF we have many poeple like you, M'sia will never be the same. I guess you love 'war' you love seeing poeple get killed and being killed. I wonder have you go an see how other country human being suffer. And agian Lee Kuan Yew is no near to Dr.Mahathir standard.

Anonymous said...

Dr M is the father of Thailand's Automotive Industry!

Mat Merah said...

Dear Anonymous 29/5/08 18:27,

Thanks for being not rude though I don't understand where my parents or I fit in that statement.

Am also unsure why ethnicity would play a part in this debate.

Just want you to know that I agree with you that Lee Kuan Yew is nowhere near Dr M, stands to reason as Dr M is no where near LKY.

Or what war has to do with this matter? Have you seen people in war? Have you seen people die? Is it related to either Dr M or LKY? Do tell, I would like to know and am sure others too.

Maybe you can also elaborate on Dr M's "Genius"ness? No use proclaiming it without proof.

At least Dr M has a reason for doing whatever he does. Hate is always a good reason.

Thank you once again for your kind and not rude comments.

As for Anonymous 30/5/08 11:35,

True, Dr Mahathir is the father of both the Malaysian and Thai automotive industry.

Have a good day now. Salam.