Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Selamat Hari Malaysia

Selamat Hari Malaysia!

Two score and five years ago, yadayadayada blah blah blah... Yep, Malaya, Sabah, Sarawak and Singapore formed Malaysia on this date in 1963, which was also Lee Kuan Yew's 40th birthday. (Makes you wonder why it never actually happened on August 31, 1963!)

So, the man who coined Malaysian Malaysia is 85 now and is a Singaporean, the independent tiny red dot and shopping mall with a United Nations membership. And where are we today?

Tricked into thinking that we wake up today to a country with a different government, a new and fresh approach to politics where meritocracy rules but natives are still taken care of, and what-have-you... oh yes, petrol prices will be 70 sens cheaper. Right!

It hasn't happened yet. Anwar Ibrahim promises to reveal names today and has sent a letter to Abdullah Ahmad Badawi for a peaceful transition of power. Really? Bold, brazen, he has gumption, cojones and as most schleps would say, chutzpah!

But we are still in a land where petrol is 2.55 ringgit a litre, Teresa Kok and Raja Petra Kamaruddin are both still under investigations for a maximum of 60 days under the Internal Security Act while Hindraf leaders spend another day of two years in Kamunting under the same law.

And race and religion is still an issue although for the rest of the world, the turmoil in the world financial markets and sinking US lenders and merchant bankers hold more interest than these orchestral manouveres in the dark and dingy world of Malaysian politics.

Dr Mahathir griped about this as much as he grumbles about the lack of life in Putrajaya's main boulevard and lack of leadership under the giant green onion dome that used to be his office.

(You do know that the onion dome is just not form but also function - it serves to store the dirt under the carpet from his years in administration and makes you wonder why Abdullah has some sinus issues).

Be that as it may, the Siber Party of Malayia (M) believes we wake up today in the same manner our brethren across the South China Sea and south of the Johor Causeway did 45 years ago, nothing new but with a sense of freedom and optimism for a future that we will shape ourselves.

Abdullah, Anwar, Najib, Dr Mahathir are the catalysts for us to make the change for a better Malaysia, if not a Malaysian Malaysia.

For sure, Dr Mahathir's views still hold great traction among us because the crop of wannabes like Hishamuddin, Khairy, Husam, Liow, Sothinathan, Nur Jazlan, Tony Pua, Nasharuddin, Sulaiman Taib and the rest of the younger set have not put forth their views well.

We need opinions. We need vision. We need leadership.

The Siber Party of Malaysia (M) is here with the rest of Malaysia for a Malaysia founded on September 16, 1963.


walski69 said...

Good grief... where the heck have you guys been? Missed you!

Anyways, great choice of YouTube - XTC's Peter Pumpkinhead... and while the nightmare before September 16 is over (or is it?), we can only hope for a better Malaysia from this point on.

Preferably with SiPM fully on the forefront, rear and center...

Anonymous said...

Heh... What happen to your very2 fabourito Anwari ? And all the ulamaks, where they gone ? Get new masks aar...

Mat Merah said...

walski69, I wish we could say that we were locked up somewhere up north between Ipoh and Penang.

Truth is, we lost our marbles and drank away our sense of humour. But the full moon of the Mooncake Festival plus the herbal tea and essence of chicken in Bukit Aman has revived our spirit, refreshed our soul, recharged our humour, revise our music tastes and rewrite our gags.

Thanks. We are indeed forefront, rear and centre. The side we leave to you ;)

anonymous, we are in search every nookie and cranny for what you ask.. patience, my son!