Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Det and Queer face-off in Penanti

Aisehman, you are quite right!

But how about the Det squaring off against his protege-turned-nemesis Anwar Ibrahim who has a queer penchant for by-elections.

Stands to reason that would be the political face-off this century. Both are the ones gagging for a fight which gives them reason to exist in this New Malaysia.

So how about it? The Siber Party of Malaysia (M) is more than happy to step out of the fight and allow these two fine specimens of Malaysian polity fight it out for posterity though we rather they work things out for our prosperity.

After all, it seems that Barisan Nasional is hesitant and want to work on fixing the economy. Heck, even the DAP wants to move on and get Penang's economy moving forward.

Its only these two who are spoiling for a fight, for a siege mentality to keep them relevant and keep them in public eye.

Come on. Let these two tribes go to war.

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