Monday, April 05, 2010

The Blue Pill or the Red Pill, or wait for a Purple Pill ?

And in just two weeks, the circus will start as the country faces its 10th by-election in 25 months in Hulu Selangor. And we say democracy is dead in Malaysia.

Two years and two prime ministers. Two years and two fronts to choose from. Two years, and too much rhetoric from both sides and one prime minister. (The other one fell a sleep often and didnt say much).

The economy has not yet recovered fully, and emigration of our talent is becoming a problem, even as nothing is done to retain the ones we still have.

Racial rhetoric is allowed to flourish as short daggers are openly kissed, the symbolism as clear as it was before when a former youth chief did the same. But then, this is outsourced activism to amphibian bodies.

They hop and croak, in unison without independent thought. Or independent balance in Parliament. They hop when rewards hoped for do not materialize. And smear former allies and colleagues. Are these the ones whom we've entrusted our national policy and federal lawmaking to ?

The other side is not much better either. Preferring theatrics to actual governance and providing the check and balance needed, they lose the sympathy once abundant for the injustice done to them.

One man seems to be saying the right things, but for now he is keeping his cards close to his chest and awaits action against him. Or for an opportunity to present itself.

What then of the choice for the voters in Hulu Selangor ? Who do they throw their ballot for ? How much time will they be able to consider ? No one knows, for even as both the BN and PR are undecided about who they want to field, internal pressures in both parties reek of communal and personal interest agendas. The best candidate for the constituency may just be a pipe dream.

There is a need for a strong candidate. One who holds his weight with refreshing ideas to rejuvenate a country tired of politicking and crisscrossing barbs which serve no purpose. A candidate with strength and wisdom, to know when silence is needed and when the voice of his people must be heard. One who can rise above it all.

Siber Party of Malaysia (M) hopes for a choice all voters across the nation can be proud of.

The real slim shady.

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