Tuesday, April 13, 2010

When the tail wags the dog

We at SiPM (M) actually wonder who runs the country, 1Malaysia or 50Malaysia.

While the PM is away on a PR bought ego Washington DC trip, his deputy decides to take things in hand and makes remarks invalidating not one, but two of his boss' plans for uniting Malaysia and his fractured coalition.

It makes us at SiPM (M) wonder if this is a carefully crafted play to keep us continually guessing their strategies, or if its just open dissent as the power play between Najib and Muhyidin is played out in the open.

Not only has the DPM single-handedly killed any chance of the interfaith panel being formed, he has also been showing all Malaysians that he is more than willing to let Ibrahim Ali and Perkasa dictate the government's actions and policies. Surprising that a single independent MP is able to wag the DPM. Perhaps it should just be made official, by making him the DPM. Or PM.

While the voice of a liberal Malay agenda is gaining some momentum, Malaysians have long grown tired of racial and religious rhetoric and politicking. The business of running the country seems to be taking a second seat to one-upmanship in state assemblies and Parliament.

It does seem that Perkasa has the ability to overshadow even BN's arduous decision over who to select as a candidate in Hulu Selangor. Even here, the discord between the MIC President's personally selected successor and the choice of the local UMNO branches needs the PM's tiebreaker. This does not bode well for the MIC's role within the BN coalition.

Conversely, PR seems to have more or less agreed on a heavyweight. Whether he will be able to placate the voters, remains to be seen but his coalition has at least shown some cohesion among its component parties.

The further this goes, the more the schism is going to widen, and the more alienated Malaysians are going to get. As my colleague points out, thank you Mr DPM for pushing more votes SiPM (M) way. We stand for a Malaysia for its rakyat, and for what makes all of us tick. We stand for a Malaysia as it once was, not what it seems to be turning to.

We stand for a Malaysia where justice has a fair shake at being done, instead of insulting experts who try to shed light. We stand for what the ordinary Malaysian needs.

Give SiPM (M) your vote, and sound the clarion that Malaysians are tired of shenanigans from all parties.

You know its what needs to be done, we don't talk shit.

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