Thursday, December 21, 2006

Dear Mat Rempit Hubris

The Siber Party of Malaysia (M) thanks you for your reply, Mat Rempit hubris from Carthage.

Hubris. Carthage. Impressive.

Before we go any further, our books on media studies state that most do not read beyond the first five paragraphs of any article.

Mat Rempit read a further two and then stopped. Figure that out.

We in the Siber Party of Malaysia (M) do not draw the distinction between low level staff and those in the higher echelons of the civil service in our drive to raise productivity with the most efficient and effective staff deployment and technology.

Something which the current government is trying to do but with little effectiveness.

However, your reply suggests that the Malaysian Civil Service is a giant welfare system to support those, as you said, people from low productivity sectors. Pray tell, why would terminating them transfer them to zero productivity sectors.

You mean they won't want to work anymore?

You mean they are really the parasites to the system as you disingenously suggested we meant?

Come on, Mat Rempit! Trimming the civil service to have only the most essential of staff well-versed in information communication technology that are paid well will free up funds for development and business.

Those who are terminated from the Malaysian Civil Service will get severance pay and with grit, determination, effort and training, transform themselves to entrepreneurs in the various development projects around the nation.

We do understand that those in the higher echelons will probably get more money than those in the other sectors but do remember, those young, fit and able, can always apply for transfers to other department in dire need of staff including the police force, fire brigade and medical services.

The world is their oyster. Do you want to condemn them to only working in low-productivity sectors as you claimed they are in right now? And why did you think of the gulags?

Most Malaysians have had it so good that they think a job in the civil service is an entitlement. We do not think so. Taxes from a section of Malaysians - the rich to you - pay for the salaries of those in the civil service.

Most low income - heck, those who earn less than 2,500 ringgit a month - do not pay any taxes. We do not think they are lazy but we are sure that they would want to earn more, aside from the ignominy of paying taxes.

The Siber Party of Malaysia (M) is committed to ensuring a Malaysia promised by the Father of Independence Tunku Abdul Rahman. where every Malaysian under the sun can go as far as they want too without any impedance.

Peace and Prosperity - with respect to all - is our aim. What is yours?

Merry Christmas!

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