Tuesday, December 26, 2006

The Week That Wanked By: 18th-25th Dec 2006

Welcome to the new weekly specials The Week That Wanked.

We were supposed to have posted this yesterday but we were far too busy breaking fatwas just as Pak Lah and Iranian President did too.

Here, SiPM will highlight to our loyal readers the discussions that our members have participated in various blogs.

We will start with Dek Mat's cheeky question to Anwar Ibrahim asking the man if he has joined keAdilan as there were rumours that he is not even a member and was on a perpetual state of readiness to rejoin UMNO. A cheeky answer was given and a cheeky answer was replied.

Monsterblog is another popular site that SiPM loves to stalk as they highlight many issues that NST carries as its main news.

The first piece of main news we would like to highlight to you was the new KL Mayor's decision to impose levies during peak hours to come into KL. Mat Merah replied that levies do not necessarily work as Jakarta has already enforced it without much effect. He proposed among others that parking fees be raised and stronger enforment on double parking.

At SiPM we do care about the state of the civil service and when the Monsterblog highlighted the same and also about increase of the number of people in the civil service and pay hikes Mat Merah said that we need to slash the civil service by half and spend the savings on the rest.In fact he said it twice and even dedicated a special post on the state of the civil service.

Yes Mat Merah can be funny but he can be quite ranty too. He demonstrated this par excellence in a comment at Mage P's Lab by calling on all Malaysians to change for the better.

This change is echoed at Aisehman where he notes that Malaysians, especially online Malaysians, have digressed into lesser beings.

At SiPM we take pride in our camaderie and teamwork is the best way to send any messages across! At the _earthinc, this was demonstrated with zealousness. However, a point to note here is that we are not there to defend Pak Lah, but to defend the seat of the Prime Minister who has been unfairly badgered and accused to not doing enough for the flood victims.

Lastly, we would like to end this with a tribute to the late James Brown, who passed away on Christmas Day yesterday. If you want to make yourself Feel Good too, vote Siber Party of Malaysia (M)!

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