Wednesday, January 10, 2007

The Chief Whips (Wednesday): It's Like, Passing the Buck Babes!

Like, the bunch of losers had a protest the other day about the tolls and all and that retired Barney, he is just sooo yesterday, then admitted he was a spaz when it came to contracts.

What a loser!

What a barf bag these politicians are. I mean, not like us in Siber Party of Malaysia (M). We rock!

Give them some trust and what you get, they go postal on you!

Even the other political parties are sooo just giving lip service. That dude from Parti Kera Raba Raba recently said that in 1996 Litrak was given the concession for LDP aaannnnnnddddd that handsome man that was acquitted from sodomy charges also said that in 1997 he stopped a toll hike because a particular Tan Sri was sooo like trying to get some extra cash to fund kickbacks.

Oh. My. Gawd.

Is that handsome man hinting that in 1996 the Finance Ministry had no input to the concession agreements that was spearheaded by the EPU? As if!

Is he saying the EPU is like making all these contractual arrangements without checking with the Treasury? Does he mean the EPU is like, more powerful than the entire government put together?


Even the Litrak jerks and babes are are sooo keeping their mouths shut by just saying that the Government should be the Barneys replying to questions but had the cheek to joke and tell us to, like go and buy their shares!!!!


Excuses are like being passed around more than barbie dolls at my baby sister's tea party!

You do know what this is all about, dontcha? Yeah, its like a complete breakdown in government functions and trust between the politicians barf bags and the people. That's us, baby! The people I mean! (Yeah, Malaysiakini charges a toll too, they call it subscription.)

Well, we in SiPM would sooo do it differently:

  1. Like, review the toll concessions and make them public and like, see what can be done. Wouldn't that be sooo cool! Heck, dudes and babes, I would like to know where the buck stops. That buck and more for the toll that is!
  2. Like, differentiate roads and their management to local authorities, state and federal jurisdictions. Which also means, like, have local government elections too! And possibly more taxes. Duh!
  3. Local councils will legislate that property developers make access to roads and highways and people will be like - hey, won't this make the houses more expensive? Read my lips babes, not if we give them incentives and cheaper land!
  4. Like, reduce irrelevant taxes and surcharges on cars. That means no import duties! Hey, everyone needs wheels, baby!
  5. Like, you know, tax people for using fossil fuel-burning engines to help save the world. Which means you will have to pay more for all that gas. The more you drive the more you pay!!! Sweeeeet!
  6. Like, stop usin' even the tolled roads for now. Duh!
  7. Like stop usin' even cars for now. Gag me with a SPOOOOON! No I said that already, whip me babyy!!!
  8. With all these new taxes, the federal government will have money to improve and build better public transport infrastructure. Yes if SiPM wins the elections, the government will be building the infra. Duh! Why didn't think of this before? Duh... of course SiPM we don't have and will not have cronies to make rich!
  9. Management of these transport infras will be privatised! Woohoo all these ideas are turning me on!
  10. All Touch'N'Go smart tags will be using RFID... This is so like yesterday's technology and Singapore has like had it for yeaaarrrs. But the trick is everyone has to RFID for ALL tolls. You can so top it up in mamaks, petrol stations, 7-11s, etc. No need for toll booths. Now just whiz thru. Like no more bottle necks babes!!!
  11. Vote out those Barneys running the show in the next elections. Vote for the Siber Party of Malaysia (M). Sweeeet!

Seems to me that the entire Barisan Nasional government and past leaders like Mahathir Mohamad and Anwar Ibrahim and the civil service sooo totally failed us.

They, like, took us for a ride. One that we are paying for! Gag me with a s SPOOOON already!

So, like, you know what to do! Vote for the Siber Party of Malaysia (M). We are rad and mad, but you know we can way do it because we are tubular!

Later babes!

P.S. Wednesday is like in brackets because I sooo only finished this article this morning. Ooopps my baadd! heheee


Dek Mat said...

now you know why i have draft her official statements! haha! ;)

YB Maya Minah Black said...


Mat Merah said...

Finally, was wondering when she would get off from partying in Parliament and get down to providing nuggets of wisdom.

Well done, Maya! Well done, Dek Mat! Did right in recruiting her, we did!

By the way, does she speak English?

daveh said...

Hahhh? I no understand lah.

I think your point would be more effective if your sarcasm and language is a little bit more polished leh.

Check out and for effective satire.

Mat Merah said...

Mr daveh, (I presume the lower capitalisation is for effect)

Of course you wouldn't understand that kind of language as from your recommendations, you only seem to understand some kind of China-fied English.

Good for you. If that is what you call effective satire.

We in the Siber Party of Malaysia (M) do not discrimate on account of race or language.

So live and let live. Okay Horrr!

YB Maya Minah Black said...

i'm like sooooo sad :(

i felt sooo like pushing for, you know, a bill that doesn't discriminate on how one speaks/write their english.

if you're like, don't get what I'm trying to say, all you have to do, you know is like, just ask me nicely...

i'll just ask dek mat to sooo explain it to you :)

love you babes!

YB Maya Minah Black said...

and oh oh i almost forgot... everyone who like put in money for Touch'N'Go will get RM rebates!

The more you put in into your reload, the more rebate (i.e. extra ringgit free top ups) you soooo get creditted together into your card!

Now that's like fair babes!

walski69 said...

Narly post, babe... or should that be ybabe?

(Thanks to dek mat for pointing my this-a-ways)

Totally awesome ideas, like.. cool.

(Okay, so my Valley Girl vocabulary is a little rusty after all these years... )

But Walski likes... really likes. Toah-tally...

Mydeen Aboo Backer said...

Ooi Cik Minah ooi, cun la you. Kalau sudi, nak join ngan mamak Mydeen kat kedai mamak hari minggu ni ?