Monday, January 08, 2007

The Weeks That Wanked By: 26th Dec-7th Jan 2007

It's been a crazy two weeks... it's been slow here as many of us are still recuperating from excessive partying but before I forget, let me wish everyone a Happy New Year!

So far for SiPM it has been a good start with our MP/Chief Whip YB Maya Minah Black and newcomer Tatak Sombong contributing their thoughts (ok actualy YB Minah Black hasn't really started yet, her New Year address was drafted by me... So YB please start on your Wednesday column ok? ;) hehee)

And as for Tatak Sombong he's been flying high with the highest number of contribution (ie 2).

The toll price hike has been a topic close at our hearts and this is shown by contributions by Tatak Sombong hinting that we should protest about Proton too while we are it, and Mydeen's suggestion that we should boycott the tolled roads altogether so that we hurt the concessionaires' revenue. Meanwhile Mat Merah reminds us that we really can't do anything about the toll hike (because it was agreed to by the previous administration) other than the ONLY thing we can do: VOTE the current government OUT and vote SiPM in!!! Mat Merah said this again over at Aisehman.

On PROTON, Mat Merah already made recommendations here at Aisehman.

Ever since Kickdefella has blogrolled us, our members have been actively participating in discussions there. Kickdefella was trying to drum up support if he should continue making movie posters and both Mat Merah and Mydeen said go for it Kickdefella!

In Kickdefella, the Prime Minister is never not mentioned, this time there were discussions about saving him, Mat Merah quipped that we should try to help him to go on that straight and narrow path but if he doesn't want to listen, VOTE Pak Lah OUT! Vote SiPM instead :) And Mat Merah reminds us again to to our civic duty come next election: to vote as many SiPM candidates in the next election!

The hanging of Saddam Hussein was also a hot topic at Kickdefella, Kickdefella wanted Pak Lah to comment on the hanging, but Mat Merah reminded him there'll be no difference as Saddam is dead, Meanwhile Dek Mat advised a commentor the danger of vengeance and retribution eventhough the victims were your own flesh and blood.

Synery Drive's merger of the three big plantation companies were still hot in rockybru (as are all other trivial things like the Rm30mil yacth) and Mydeen gave a comment that the opposition are keeping silent about it because they lack the expertise to comment, so they're gonna take below the belt potshots soon...

The floods in South Johore are still hot over in monsterblog. Mat Merah writes that we all need to be prepared for disasters which he thinks that the government is not good at (other than the preparation for which kueh to serve during meetings). Vote for SiPM because we were all scouts! We are always prepared! ;)

Back at Aisehman, SiPM supports Aisehman's proposal to ban political parties based on ethnicities. Mat Merah explained in details in the comments.

Also Aisehman wrote about Air Asia's new cheap flights to UK. Mat Merah commented that the "Easy Asia Virgin" will have meals and other services at a cost... how much for a lifejacket?

Back at one of our other favourite haunts, monsterblog, Mydeen sarcastically reminds us that this year is 2007, two-double-oh-seven, the year we have a licence to kill politicians. Not literally but figuratively of course through the ballot box! ;)

But the best comment of all is reserved for one of the hot shot bloggers over at monsterblog Mack. Mack says that "If SiPM is on the ballot, my X will be right next to it".

Mack has made up his mind. you should do the same too...

Vote for Siber Party of Malaysia (M)!

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