Sunday, January 07, 2007

Sod The Toll, Let's Protest The Existence of Proton

Here is a fact: No one likes the idea of higher toll charges on Malaysian roads.
Well, maybe the highway concession holder does.
So, most people, then, do not like higher toll charges.
Er, well, the guy who does not own a car. Maybe he does not care.
Ah, yes, car owners then will not like paying more to use public roads.
You get the point.
But then tataksombong would like to point out an undeniable fact: a car costs a lot of run. We have to pay for fuel, pay for road tax and even, yes, pay for tolls.
The biggest outlay, however, is the cost of buying a car.
And in Malaysia, it costs lots and lots of money to buy a car.
The reason for that, of course, is that the Malaysian government charges extremely high taxes on cars.
Especially foreign ones.
You see, we do not like them foreign buggers. They come here and try to sell us these vehicles with their funny sounding names like Toyota and Mercedes, with their superior technology and nice designs.
Why should we buy these superior cars? Especially when we have our very own Proton.
We have to do all we can to protect our Proton. Why? Because it's the Malaysian thing to do. To buy Malaysian and make sure it survives. Why? You shouldn't have to ask, but it is because it is Malaysian.
And all of us will just have to pay if we want to buy a foreign make. If you are going to buy a Nissan or a Toyota or even a Ford, well, you should be punished for it.
All good Malaysians should buy a Proton.
So there. I have said it. I think we should enact a law to ban all foreign cars.
We have the right to drive a sub-standard car if we want to. It is a basic human right.


Mat Merah said...

Very true, tataksombong! We have indeed a right to substandard stuff. NOT!

Like the government that we have, the political parties that we have, the civil service that we have, the local councils that we have.

Most Malaysians are so used to substandard stuff. Not anymore!

So vote for the Siber Party of Malaysia (M). Choice of the new generation... heck, wait a minute! Isn't that the Pepsi slogan?

OK! Vote for the Siber Party of Malaysia (M). Enough said!

Mydeen Aboo Backer said...

Will we be using Proton for our campaign car when we turun padang, or will we be using another MiM car like a CantChill, Nutza and MyVeal ?

Russ said...

Well stated.. 2 thumbs up!! Will vote for Siber Party!