Thursday, January 04, 2007

SensualSophia Indulges Political Malaysia (Mmmmm...)

I was at the Parliament of Malaysia for YB Maya Minah Black's annual New Year's Eve party in the Banquet Hall and the boys were looking hunky in their black tie. One detached himself from his cohorts and came over to tell me I was simply irresistible.

I smiled back. He complimented me as he stared at my nipply self under the little black dress that sheathed me against the cold cold corridors of power. I licked my lips and he signalled me into the main chamber. He walked slightly behind me and frotted me as we went through the double-leaf doors meant for the Parliament Speaker. And took me straight to the Speaker's Chair right in front of rows of seats meant for the honorable Members of Parliament.

I was just interested in one member. He tabled me on the Speaker's desk and slipped the sheath of black material off me as his tongue slathered around my turgid nipples and whispered sweet nothings as he mouthed my titties. A charming silver-tongued politician he was, a cunning linguist - pun intended - so to speak! He then went southwards, where my kittie was all wet like a flooded Johor and flicked his tongue like a lightsabre making out with its kin in the heat of the battle.

More was to come, he promised! He was bad with his puns but he kept his word of donating to my kittie. He divided my legs like money for his constituents as I played with the Speaker's gavel that has banged many a table, feeling the smooth wooden shaft and head and imagining what was to happen. He undressed in a flash and said "I beg to propose!" before he expertly banged me like how the chamberlains banged the gong at the other end of the chamber before parliamentary sessions began - surely and lustily! We pumped until we were spent. He was the consummate politician, keeping you satisfied while screwing you!

If this was what a congress was, I want to be a politician. Have you ever had your ballot box stuffed? *impolitically yours*

(To our loyal supporters and sympathisers, this special post is an appreciation of Sensual Sophia's support for the Siber Party of Malaysia (M). We had proposed to swap posts with her to mark 2007 but she politely declined. However, we decided to carry on and fought each other for the pleasure of doing her - pun unintended. This remains a group post and we want to thank Sensual Sophia for her writings and ridings! Happy New Year!)


Mydeen Aboo Backer said...

Mamak Mydeen nak tanya, DVD9 dah keluar ke ? Adegan ni mesti lebih cun dari adegan Timbalan Speaker tu dulu.

Order, order in the House.

bodicea said...


and mari Cuti-cuti Abu Ghraib 2007!

Sensual Sophia said...

Interesting coupling of politics and sex. Thanks for the tribute :)