Sunday, December 31, 2006

SiPM New Year Address: The Sacrifice

Firstly I would like to wish all the Muslims a blessed Aidul-Adha, and may this year's festivities bring you closer to God's grace and closer to the very essence of our being; our destiny.

Despite SiPM's young age, we have grown from strength to strength and are constantly finding new ways to bring a new spin to politics, seriousness disguised in a more tongue-in-cheek and humorous manner.

And with sending our Ketua Biro Dakwah, Dek Mat, to video courses, SiPM is poised to incorporate the latest forms of multimedia technology to our political outreach.

That is our destiny: to provide Malaysians entertaining and yet thought provoking views that could challenge our minds that has been long beleaguered by decades of negative, narrow and mind-numbing dogma.

Only when we are able to free ourselves from these dogmatic chains will we be able to finally make that necessary sacrifice to make our country a better place.

What is that necessary sacrifice?

That sacrifice is for us to do the right thing.

The right thing.

The new year of 2007 will indeed be more challenging than 2006.

It will be the year of campaigning for elections that is poised to take place some time in 2008.

There will be rumours, lies, deceits and accusations thrown around and SiPM will attempt to show you the difference between the shit and the real shiznit.

Sometimes it will be just plain funny. At othertimes it will make you feel sick in the stomach, stirring emotions that you thought you could never have.

Sometimes we would give you the untold facts, sometimes show you the facts in between the lines, sometimes we'd use some subliminal way to show you the facts that no one wants you to see.

Most of the times you would know it already, life sometimes has a strange way of making us not see things that are obvious.

That's is when we need a little jolt.

All this just so that maybe you could think for while to do the right thing.

That is to vote for SiPM.

Have a merry celebration and a Happy New Year!

YB Maya Minah Black
MP for Kawasan 000 - Tempat Maya
Chief Whip for SiPM

P.S. Look out for my new Wednesday specials this New Year: The Chief Whips Wednesday!

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