Tuesday, January 23, 2007

The Week That Wanked By: 16th Jan-23rd Jan 2007 Freedom Fighters Fight Freedom

Damnitt! I thought last week was crazy but this week has topped that.

Some guest blogger wrote on Monsterblog that the blogosphere went in to a fever frenzy.

But what was good about this fever frenzy is that we believe that we have managed to have a healthy discussion on the rights of the individual to free speech and the other individual's rights to prosecute him in court for defamation.

You can check our previous postings on this very lively discussion or you could also visit all the other places where SiPM fellow Politburo members have commented in. They are among others our dear Mat Poster Kickdefella, Marina Mahathir, etc. Heck just google SiPM, Dek Mat, Mydeen Aboo Backer or Mat Merah!

But most of our attention was especially for Kickdefella as he is the co-manager of Bloggers United. That is where the best parties are! Here's a recap!

  1. SiPM Politburo starts commenting on the discussion.
  2. SiPM continues to comment in this post.
  3. SiPM gets banned in Kickdefella
  4. SiPM continues to post comments without any url in this post
  5. SiPM continues to post comments without any url in this post
  6. SiPM continues to post comments with a workaround url in this post
  7. SiPM gets unbanned and continues with its comments in this post.
How did we get around the url ban and how did we unban ourselves, well, hop on over to Kickdefella to find out!

Ok, that's it folks. Below (in yellow) will be our statement with regards to the suit and we will not comment on the suit anymore until there is a significant update on the case.

Although we are disappointed that the very same Freedom Fighters Fight Freedom but we now need to move along.

SiPM believes in the freedom of speech and we also believe in the rights of the individual or the corporation to find recourse in courts. We are independent, one of many and many of one, group of people that believe that we should not let ourselves be fearful of the NSTP lawsuit as it is not a clamp down on bloggers. Keep On Blogging! Make your voices heard! And for those who think we are either mentera dot org or the young turks on the 4th floor, well ... continue thinking...

Our voices are the only insurance that we have against the wrongs in this country. Make our voices loud and clear and void of misguided truths, dogma and spin. When it is so, we will realise that when we cash out this "insurance" little by little, Malaysia will continue to be a better place.

Insurance is important, even for Bill Clinton... ;)


langkasuka said...

dear mats et al,
It helps when you don't sign off as "nobody@nobody.com" in comment boxes. It probably went into spam folders, like it did in mine.
Happy fighting freedom fighters fighting freedom.

Dek Mat said...

langkasuka: thank you for the heads up! That's probably you mydeen :p I told you to use our email address!!! hehe see now someone has complained...

Mydeen Aboo Backer said...

But Mydeen is a nobody. Anyways, Mydeen will change that. The core of it is that this shouldn't be a problem, for nobody@nobody.com is a valid email address. If spam filters are cueing in on this, then its the spam filters fault.

johnleemk said...

Actually, it isn't. Traditionally in computer science, the nobody user on a computer system *is* nobody. Many computer systems use the nobody user to run processes such as those for the web server - "nobody" is /never/ a real person. As a result, it's actually common advice to webmasters to ensure that their servers don't expose their identity as "nobody" when doing things like sending automatic emails, because sending mail as nobody@anything.com has a very good chance of resulting in a bounce from other systems thinking this can't possibly be a real person.

The safest course would probably be to use a different fake email - perhaps nothing@mailinator.com? Oh yeah, and nobody@nobody.com *is* an invalid address anyway, because the nobody.com domain is for sale. :)