Tuesday, January 16, 2007

The Week That Wanked By: 8th Jan-15th 2007 Democrazy in action

What a week it has been!

This week SiPM would like to start to be a little different than previous weeks; we are now going to revolve the discussions of the Week that Wanked By (TWTWB) around the core issues that were addressed by SiPM members of the Politburo in the blogosphere. Some issues were discussed online and some were discussed offline during the regular compulsory politburo alchohol binging sessions. This week's topic include:

  1. Bloggers United: No Fear
  2. The PKR and PAS Election Boycott
  3. Paranoid Politicians and Posers
1. Bloggers United: No Fear
It all started with disappearance of our Mat Poster (aka Kickdefella to other people and Sheih to some other), he then reappears as supposedly his realself only to disappear again and making a comeback within 3 days with even greater vigour.

At tha same time the blogosphere is trailed with reports of legal suites against Sheih, Jeff Ooi and Rocky- all on the pretext to shut them up.

So Sheih creates a No Fear button, downloadable for all bloggers to proudly wear this badge of honour - to feel that they are uniting against a government that is trying to clamp down their independent voices.

SiPM disagrees with these bloggers.

To say that the government is behind these coercions is misleading and irresponsible!

Let's look at the facts:
  1. Allegedly the law suit is a civil matter ie. private citizens/corporations vs the said bloggers. Not the government
  2. Who dares to tell SiPM that some of the materials posted by Jeff Ooi, Rocky and Sheih are not libellous. So if the individuals who are being discussed without prejudice in these blogs felt they were being attacked maliciously and unfairly, they have every right to sue Jeff Ooi, Rocky, Sheih and even people like you and me for libel. The blogosphere do not operate in a legal vaccuum!
While we may urge these bloggers on to continue what they are doing for, yes, they are practising their democratic rights of free speech, and we stand by the credo: We may not agree with you but we would defend your right to say it.

But we also defend the right of others to sue anyone for libel.

2. The PKR and PAS Election Boycott
We at SiPM are disappointed that PKR and PAS are boycotting the by-elections in Batu Talam.

While PKR and PAS may have points with regards to the Election Commission's imperfect enforcement and much needed improvements in its independency; PKR and PAS has actually done Malaysians a disservice by not giving the choice to Malaysians to make. To vote for the other person.

But by now we already know that it's all a big sandiwara where suddenly we have an Independent running and the media is already labelling him as the 'son of a DAP leader'.

So much of an Independent candidate.

We believe that while the Election Rules need to be refined, we still need to participate within the democratic space that's been provided.

More importantly, any irregularities with Electoral List, phantom voters, etc must be voiced out in advance so that the voters themselves can know of these dodgy dealings and make up theor own minds.

To say that the Elections Commission is overtly biased is false too! Or else how can PAS still keep Kelantan and at one time wrestled Terrenganu from BN too?

3. Paranoid Politicians and Posers
So what is our take in all of this?

To us it seems very surprising that suddenly bloggers (who are supposedly to claim to be independent) are aligining themselves with the opposition and also the former Prime Minister, who as we know is the master of FUD.

Fear. Uncertainty. Doubt.

So now we have former sworn enemies collating and sharing war tactics. The former administration had always used Singapore, the corrupt west that wanted to rape our lands economically as red herrings.

Sounds familiar? Of course, because now these bloggers and the Oppostion are using the same tactics. The maxim is true: There are no permanent enemies.

To make us fear the worse, create that feeling of uncertainty and doubt towards the current administration.

Today, we at SiPM have attempted the tabboo. We have defended the current administration. We are not aligned to them and claims that we at SiPM are the same Oxbridge folks on the Fourth Floor is false. We categorically deny this malicious rumour!

But SiPM we are obliged to call a spade a spade. What is bad for the country is bad. What is good for the country is good irrespective whether the suggestions cme from the ruling party or the opposition.

It is time that we put Malaysia and Malaysians our utmost priority.

Not for selfish political gains.

Not for personal vendetta.

There is no such thing as permanent friends.

There is no such thing as permanent enemies.

There is only permanent self-interest.

It's high time we make that self-interest to be Malaysia.

But unfortunately, everybody wants to rule the world...


walski69 said...

Well said... and yes, we need to put our priorities in the right place...

But you know, sometimes fervor gets the better of the best of people... and I guess because there's been so much ineptitude on the part of the Government lately it's not difficult to fall into that "everything Government-ish is wrong" mode of thinking...

p.s. I also sometimes call a spade a shovel (heh-heh)... nothing is what it seems, and the obvious sometimes isn't.

Joash Chan said...

well-presented critical thoughts... continue writing...

Mydeen Aboo Backer said...

Thank you for your kind words, Walski69 and Joash.

We at SiPM are ever mindful of our constituents. If you have an issue you'd like to raise to our attention, do send us an email at mydeen.sipm AT gmail.com. We'll be mindful to give it our full Politburo action.

And if you ask really nicely, YB Minah Black will even make it a topic on her Chief Whip's Wednesday.

jibam said...

due to my own experience,i've formed my own set of thoughts and opinions on the Elections Comission

and sadly it's not an experience to be shared publicly