Wednesday, January 17, 2007

The Chief Whips: Like Get Real!

My fellow Politburo members have been like complaining to me.

Some of our fellow citizens have decided to censor them. I'm like sooo furious.

What is happening to our fellow citizens? And I'm like thinking aren't they supposed to be the very defenders of freespeech?


Mat Merah emailed me his comment when it was not approved. Soooo... I checked SKThew's site today and it was still not approved. This was his comment:

One Response to "Pictures do tell stories"
Mat Merah says: Your comment is awaiting moderation.
January 11th, 2007 at 1:35 pm |
Gawd, could you give it up already?

What is your point in this? Why do you and your ilk pick on him? Is this a feudalistic thing that you have, everytime some disaster strikes, you need the prime minister around to whisper sweet-nothings to you?

A good administrator and for that matter a prime minister is the system that he creates to ensure administration continues even if he is not there. If it doesn't, and there is a screw-up, then please blast him.

Isn't he entitled to some time off? You want him and a stream of others like the King, the Sultan of Johor and others to turn up to comfort those affected by the floods?

Come on, get real!

Give solutions man, not just carp on this! Will you bring this up when the elections happen? Is this more important than what is really going on in Malaysia - the lack of transparency, the lack of religious freedom et al?

And what did you do for the flood victims? You visited them? You helped? I defend your right to speak but this post is ridiculous.

shanghaistephen says:
January 12th, 2007 at 3:32 pm |
Hey sk,

Surely a case of missing local food lah…so long in Turkey, then South America..then straight to Australia…yeslah so surely missing "Malaysian" food. Just like the 'masconaut' missing roti chanai in Russia and rush back to eat that. Maybe we can pack some canai for that joker to eat in the outer limits lah!
Who's restaurant is that anyway ah?.. for the PM to go and "open" ceremony.
Must be very important to be there when the country is under water…hmmm. reminds me of that Emperor Nero playing the fiddle while Rome was burning…hmm…but then Nero was mad ,was't he ?
As you can see his earlier comment is sooo not approved but a comment that was posted later by shanghaistephen was approved!

I'm like... Get reall!!!

It's now like all these citizens have their own personal agendas... This is tooo scary babes.

And here I was thinking that hey, we're supposed to be unbiased and be fighting for the truth eventhough it makes us look bad!

Dek Mat also emailed me last night:

I tried to comment on Jeff Ooi's Screenshots twice but my comments were not approved :(

The first instance was when he posted about the RM50b supposedly sacndal. I wrote whether has anyone checked the authenticity of the papers cos it looked kinda fake to me - NOT APPROVED!!!

The next instance was in his second post about the RM50b supposedly scandal. It was in reply to one of Frank&Honest's comment. I wrote "Hey good comments.. At least Jeff Ooi approved yours but he didn't approve mine when I told him that I think the documents look like fakes... - NOT APPROVED!!!

Oh well... just to highlight the matter to you. Hope you can do something about it!

Cheers! See you at [DELETED] later...
I'm like, Oh. My. God!!!!

Now I'm like sooooo furious that I'm like foaming! -NOT!!! Just kidding!

Okay, but I am still furious! And I thought Mr Ooi was the man with the motto "Thinking Allowed. Thinking Aloud"

But why is my Dek Mat soo not "allowed" to think "aloud" at Screenshots? Is it because his thinking is different that Mr Ooi's?

This is like soooo fascist! If Mr Ooi ever gets into politics, I'm like sooo making sure everybody remember this day.

Common Mr Jeff Ooi! Like get real! Get transparent already!

It also seems to me that these days, even some citizens are scheming together. Like posting similar breaking news and putting it up and referencing each other.

Even ex-journalists ranty-aunties are patting each other's back in mutual self admiration. Sigh...

It's like suddenly the Malaysian Blogosphere is attacked by the dark side of the force who pretends to be Jedi's then like suddenly tries to fool us with dark side of the force mind tricks!

I soo like to quote that letter to Malaysiakini that Frank&Honest referenced:
"In the interest of the nation and as a counterweight against the pro-government stance of licenced mainstream media, the Internet’s blogs and online media like malaysiakini are indeed the last bastions to ferret out falsehood and defend the truth.

Let it be said that we cannot serve such a cause if we follow a herd instinct and rush to publish material that we have not done scrupulous due diligence and verification, committing the very sin of disseminating misinformation that we accuse the government’s media of and squandering in the same process, our moral and credibility capital in respect of publication of the truth. In turn, opening the way for a government clamp down based on this very same justification."
To all my fellow citizenn, please... come on.... let's like stop stop all these scheming!

Let's altogether uphold the truth and unbiasness!

Unless of course, like you guys do have a secret agenda/personal vendetta.

It's sooo like you guys are sooo trying to wag the dog first...

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Darth Perfidious said...

Hmm, reference the Dark Side do you, young sithling ? Mayhaps unaware are thee of the machinations of powerful Sith within the Sphere. Far does their reach extend, and now war will they seek with prophets both false, true and rocky.

Within this situation will the false prophets be taken to task for their masquerade as Jedi and defenders of the people. Begun, the Sphere Wars have and begun has the beginning of the end.

Vigilant as always, will the Sith. Seek us you will, for a new apprentice we hunger for.

Embrace the Dark Side, sithling. Embrace before it embraces you.