Thursday, January 18, 2007

Meanwhile in Reality

Meanwhile in reality and away from the navel-gazing by Malaysian netizens today, we are glad to read a plethora of articles in the local print media about the civil service.

Guess it strikes a chord somewhere out there in our efforts to improve Malaysia in its 50th year.

Newly-minted New Straits Times group editor Syed Nadzri wrote on January 16 about the civil service red-tape that keeps styming the business of business. Apart from that, it screws up our lives too which those queueing up for simple services can attest to.

And this is apart from the queues at the various departments of Immigration, Land, National Registration, Road Transport and whatever that you can name.

At The Star, veteran journalist M. Veera Pandiyan noted in his new column Along the Watchtower on January 18 about improving the delivery system - a catchphrase by Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi and echoed by countless politicians and civil servants since.

It has yet to happen all over the place. But you can get your passport within the day at certain spots. Guess somethings are easier than others.

And over at The Sun, crusading investigative journalist R. Nadeswaran articulated in his Citizen Nades column about sensitive matters in Malaysian sports that involves officialdom - from politicians to civil servants again.

He noted the litany of grouses and broken promises in Malaysian sports due to inaction and vested interests in providing the basics for the development of athletes and sports figures.

Even on the net, radio and theatre luminary Patrick Teoh revealed in his Niamah blog about the plight of Malaysian policemen and their low pay as they go about ensuring peace and security in the country.

While it is conceded that the Royal Malaysian Police image differs among the populace, the Siber Party of Malaysia (M) would like to again recommend that we double their basic pay and expand the force.

What all have written is a testimony to the issues that affect our nation and the necessity of solutions to our problems. So let us focus on the issues at hand rather than bury our faces in computer screens and furiously type away criticisms without any solutions.

Because we cannot always remain all along the watchtower...


A M Ubaidah S said...

Interesting post. Maybe you'll find this scene (and post) relevant...

Mat Merah said...

Nice painting.

Captains and crew aside, Malaysia needs a sea-change in attitude on which parties can navigate it to calmer waters and land.

Vote for the Siber Party of Malaysia (M). We are naughty but nautical enough to venture into uncharted waters and make it safely to port.