Wednesday, February 14, 2007

FACM - Fatwa Against Corruption Malaysia

Somewhere in Indonesia

FACM is pronounced as Fuck'em.

New York is unsually chilly tonight on Valentines day, it's probably because of cold winds blowing at 26mph... but as lovers return to their home for a hot amorous frenzy, we at SiPM want to deliver something hot to the Malaysian blogospere too.

On this day of mutual expressions of love, SiPM have prepared a special Fatwa.

It is not a Fatwa against the celebration of St Valentine but today at SiPM our sole Valentine wish goes especially to our most beloved, Malaysia.

We take heed from our brothers of the Muslim Brotherhood who called for a Fatwa on Corruption.

Reminiscing the lament from a Malaysian brother Kassim SA in June 20th 2006 (yes, we remember everything) who wrote to Malaysikini in disgust over Fatwas against celebrating festivals of other religions and was compelled to ask for a Fatwa on corruption, transparency, politeness, we at SiPM have listened and now will take steps to further promote this.

We want to take further steps from the 1st O.I.C. Anti Corruption And Enhancing Integrity Forum that was held here in Kuala Lumpur last August.

How dare the other Ulamaks tell us not to celebrate Valentines when they themselves have failed to address the problem of corruption?

Today the Grand Muffti of SiPM issues the Fatwa against Corruption.

In the Book revealed to Humanity as a guide, God orders Muslims to acquire an excellence in ethical and moral behavior. Islamic morality rests on values such as peace, tolerance, mercy or compassion.

The Holy Book reminds Muslims they are responsible before God for their behavior and treatment of all peoples; whether they are also Muslim or not.

In this sense, Muslims are forced to seek out good for themselves, their families, their neighbors and society in general.
"Do good unto others as God has done unto you; and do not wish to plant the seeds of corruption upon Earth, for God does not love those who sow corruption ". (28:77).
Muslims, therefore, are not only forbidden from committing crimes against innocent people, but are responsible before God to stop those people who have the intention to do so, since these people "are planting the seeds of corruption on Earth".
"For those who persevere in doing good, the supreme good awaits them. Their faces will not be overshadowed by darkness or humiliation (in the Day of the Judgment). They are destined to Paradise, where they will reside (eternally)". (10:26).
Remember, that God has spoken of punishment against those are trangressors of His will
"Know they not that whoever opposes and shows hostility to Allah and His Messenger (SAW), certainly for him will be the Fire of Hell to abide therein. That is extreme disgrace." (9:63)
Verily those who commit corruption will be disgraced in this world and in the Hereafter.

Heretofore we declare in good faith the following resolution:

1. That Islam rejects corruption in all its manifestations, it is HARRAAM.

2. Corruption in all manisfesations are but not limited to bribery (offering and taking), siphoning the Citizen's money be it for personal or political party use, lying to the public, cheating the public, pushing 'files' further down the pile in the absence of coffee money, abuse of authority and government machinery. They are all HARRAAM.

3. That if these acts are committed as they are HARRAM it will be a great sin and will be punishable by God and may be sent to HELL.

4. We call upon all religious personalities (especially the Mufti of Perlis) , all citizens of Malaysia from all walks of life, race and religion, political affiliations (yes even Jeff Ooi, RockyBru and Kickdefella) to join us in this Fatwa and to spread the word to ALL that CORRUPTION IS HARAAM and is punishable by HELLFIRE.

This sin must be denounced with force by the wise people and leaders of Islam worldwide.

5. That the duty of every Muslim is to fight actively against corruption, in accordance with the Koranic mandate that establishes the obligation to prevent corruption from overtaking the Earth.

Based on what has been exposed, it comes to dictate :

That according to the Sharia, all who commit corruption faces Hellfire!

As long as there are Muslims who commit corruption they are Kaffirs and should not be considered Muslim nor be treated as such.

To which we declare that all who commit corruption are outside the parameters of Islam; and the same goes to all who wield the Sacred Koran and The Prophet's Sunna to commit terrorist acts.

Based on this fatwa, we request the government and parties in power and Malaysian mass to highlight all activities of this great sin and punish wrongdoers of this sin with greatest impunity.

Don't Commit Corruption. It's a Sin. God Knows Best.

Dek Mat
Grand Muffti and Head of Da'awah Bureau
Siber Party of Malaysia (M)


zorro said...

Zorro seeks permission to join FACM. Stay the course brothrs.

Robert Kee said...

Corruption is not immoral and I am a very corrupt man like my boss Anwar Ibrahim. As a member of Parti Keadilan Rakyat, I support homosexuals right to anal sex as perfectly moral amd prostitution to be legalised.

The reason I support Parti Keadilan Rakyat is because its leader Anwar Ibrahim is a convicted homosexual and I myself am gay and support gay marriages and ordaining gay Bishops.

Bob K said...

Heh .. looks like the impersonator strikes again. Thanks for getting in touch with me and informing me of this attempt at impersonating my identity.

Best regards,

Bob Kee

Dek Mat said...

Bob K,

Thanks for clearing the matter with us.

On our part we will not censor the impostor's comment as we do believe in the no censorship policy of the MSC.

It serves us as a record that "robert kee" is a false commentor and what he wrote describes what kind of person he or she is.

Thanks again for your reply Bob.

Bob K said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Bob K said...

Note : earlier comment deleted due to grammatical errors - what a bloody irony LOL

Not a problem. In fact, I appreciate and applaud your policy of non-censorship.

For the record, I am a PKR member but it is pretty obvious from the differences in style, grammar and content that the purported "me" proposes from what is available in my publicly viewable blog.