Monday, February 12, 2007

The Weeks That Wanked By: 15th Jan - 12 February 2007 Erroneous Ejaculation

The Weeks really wanked by so fast.

So fast that it almost seemed like premature ejaculation.

But it's like watching the same porn all over again and again. You just wanna get off quick and get on with your lives.

And yes, the blogosphere has been like old porn.

More narrowminded Malaysians, goverment conspiracies to repress bloggers, more kickdefella-rockybru-jeffooi-walkwithus puerile.

And the usual spunk that accuses SiPM to be a 4th Floor Alliance. Funny comment coming from a wanker that tried to whore hits from this site.

It makes me sick.

They say that too much wanking can make you sick.

But there was some consolation.

PAS-ultra MENJ has come up with a bet(challenge in our case) that anonymous wankers will not dare turn up at the Faking a Credible Opposition Program on March 3rd 2007.

So I've decided to take up the challenge.

But MENJ will probably decline the challenge with some ULTRA-PAS lame excuse. The usual.

But I hope he accepts it. RM6,000 is a hell lotta money for more new porn.

Like this one. err maybe not like this one.

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