Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Will the Boobs go bust?


The Malaysian stock market is sagging like my grandmama's boobs. That ain't a pretty sight, darlings, especially when she used to clap, err squash, my face to her ample bosom.

Gag me with a spooooooooooon! Anna Nicole Smith she ain't.

Ok dudes,like get your mind on track and back to the local bourse where the main index dipped, like by some six percent in morning trade February 28 after those awesome overnight falls in the Chinese and North American bourses

Yes, like when China sneezes, everyone else gets a cold. Way funny! The dudes and dudettes said the same thing about bird flu! Dweeb! No one is original anymore!

Sooooooo, anyways, reactions are sketchy but swift.

My Baldwin colleagues, dishy boys they are, Mat Merah and Dek Mat commented as much over at my favourite greenie the_earthinc who had speculated that Abdullah Ahmad Badawi's joke-of-a-coalition should dissolve my favourite pad and call for elections. As if!

Guess Pak Lah's comments on the market index KLCI hitting 1,350 point got all excited and now its biting back at him and those who took that line to get into the market. Well duh!

Like, okaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay! One swallow does not a summer make! Fer sure!

It's like markets across the world, dude! And heck, it ain't an indicator of the economy, but like, the arguments continue on the state of the economy. Sweet!

Like what I think? Well, while I was vegging out, Britney went bald and Anna like, expired! And the markets went crazy! Not saying that its, like, connected or what, but heck, think its a blip and just fodder for the media and uhhhhhhhhh, those bored with contemplating their navels!

Its gross! Like everyone is going postal over the market! Like they have money tied up there! I'm so sure.

Twistin' and shoutin', that's all gurlz! These boobs won't go bust just yet!



Dek Mat said...

the joke around the blogosphere is that the bloggers in msia looks as though they're making knee-jerk reactions to the bursa news... more emphasis on the word "jerk"...


Mat Merah said...

Damn right Dek Mat!

The jerks are at it again, nit-picking away with glee when bad news overwhelms the nation.

Just read Opposition Leader Lim Kit Siang's statement that the government should recompense those who lost money in the market slide on February 28.

Come on! This is the dude that castigates the government for guaranteeing profits for toll operators and now he wants them to recompense the punters!

Add to that economists who can take any set of data and spin it anyway around without any regard to actual conditions on the ground.

Well, thats an economist for you! The point that has to be made is the nation is doing well but Malaysians are not getting fair wages.

And the solution to that is either quitting your job or doing something else. Its hard but if you want to earn more, you have to take risks.

Goes for the punters too. The market is all about risk and yield and there are no guarantees there!

Stop adulating the government and think it will solve all your problems.

Heck they are a problem themselves.

The solution is in your hands! Earn well, spend well, vote well!

Hey, maybe we should change our name to Well.

Anyway, vote for the Siber Party of Malaysia (M). It makes sense! (pun intended)