Thursday, March 01, 2007

Malay Sia Sia Sahaja

50 years on, is being a Malaysian a waste of time? Malay Sia Sia Sahaja?

I mean, after all the struggle/negotiations for Independence - plus cutting out the communists from the glory of freeing the tanahair from Japanese Occupation - what kind of countrymen do we have?

Like these?

* Parliamentary Opposition Leader Lim Kit Siang who said, "The unusual Cabinet meeting tomorrow should cushion the massive losses suffered by small investors who acted on the Chinese New Year advice of the Prime Minister to enter the stock market to “ride on the momentum” to surpass 1,350 points for the KLCI and who bear the brunt of the massive RM70 billion losses in the stock exchange in the past two days."

Come on! The stock market is a matter of risk and yield. Why would anyone follow the Prime Minister's advice and if they did, isn't that their judgment on the matter?

This from a man who has castigated the government for ostensibly guaranteeing profits to toll operators. Is his party so desperate and reactionary that they will grab at anything to score points?

* UMNO Youth Complaints and Consumer Affairs Chief Subahan Kamal who had criticised the Human Resource Ministry for neglecting unemployed Bumiputera graduates who are forced to drive taxis, adding the ministry should enforce a 30 percent quota for Bumiputeras at all levels of the private sector.

Aisehman weighed in on this but I would like to add that such racism is quite uncalled in calling for quotas in private sector. What kind of thinking is this? And why the limit in number of Bumiputeras in the private sector?

Has Subahan no shame that Bumiputeras need a crutch to clutch at jobs? One of our founding fathers, the late Tun Dr Ismail Abdul Rahman called it a slur against the Bumiputeras as written in his biography The Reluctant Politician.

* The mysterious email - that has been circulating since August 2006 - alluding to a conspiracy to deprive Malaysia of Islam. Among others, it says

"Dengan nama Allah, saya bertawakkal kepada Allah. Semoga pendapat saya ini tidak mendatangkan apa2 masalah.

Isu sijil lahir dan mykid ini adalah salah satu "top priority" yang perlu di tangani oleh kita sebagai jemaah/ ummah yang bergabung atas nama PEMBELA. Yang jelas, Ini adalah salah satu strategi kumpulan Artikel 11 dan IFC untuk memastikan islam hilang di mukabumi Malaysia.

Ini jelas menceritakan kepada kita betapa liciknya puak2 yang membenci islam ini.Puak2 ini pastinya orang2 melayu kita juga yang bersekongkol dengan kafirin kerana orang2 atas kat JPN tu melayu2 kita juga.

Di harap, pucuk pimpinan PEMBELA dapat menangani masalah dengan JPN ini. Idea2 dari ahli2 untuk menangani isu ini amatlah di hargai.


Well, I figure their faith must be so shaky and shallow that a lack of reminder of their faith will definitely get them astray from the Islamic path. How sad!

The faith is in you, not on a piece of paper! And it won't be shaken by holy water from a church or the chants and smoke and incense from temples. If anything, the faith is what keeps you away from any form of corruption.

What am I talking about? Of course, you need to be reminded of your faith, otherwise you are weakminded and corrupted by the world!

Malay Sia Sia Sahaja! What a potential waste of 50 years of intelligence turned idiocy and the diversity of Malaysia - people, cultures and faiths - turned into a perversity and parody of Malaysia.

I live in hope. So does the Siber Party of Malaysia (M).

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