Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Whose Your Daddy Now?

I have a tick with people/bloggers who succumb to rumours.

Lately Kickdefella and Rocky are quite interested in the love affairs of our Prime Minister, heavily speculating whether Pak Lah has remarried.

Kickdefella even have had 3 posts and 2 posters on the matter. One poster depicted Pak Lah as the main protagonist in the movie Casanova and the other showing Pak Lah and his love interest in a poster spoof of Maid in Manhattan (Maid in Putrajaya).

Rumour mongering is bad news. If they really wanted to keep a tab on Pak Lah's marital affairs (or the lack of it) then they should bring up the issue why is his supposedly love interest following him around the work (as they have claimed) on tax payer funds?

But no, I guess these bloggers are practising their right to spin. All good with us.

But I still do not approve of rumour mongering. So I decided to give Rocky a piece 0f his own medicine and commented:

"hmm i heard rumours that on a night of debauchery at the Kelab Tekan Nasional, Si Batu pun nak Kahwin.... jeng jeng jeng!"

As of now, my comment has yet to be approved.

Perhaps it is his way of telling me to fuck off and play somewhere else and telling me: It's your daddy, go to your room!

Who's your daddy now?


freethinker said...

Well I guess there's no evil in fooling around with the posters but I note the key importance is how many has not being able to separate fiction and reality , and started asking PM these kinda rumours.

Well, I guess maybe many out there are just easy being misdirected.

Elanor said...

the irony of this of course, is that triviality like this occupies more of the collective consciousness of the nation, than issues like the real economic future of the country - the issues discussed in the briefing that PM went to in BNM when the media asked him the question.

Anonymous said...

If one knows The Batu, ones knows him well. Heloo...apa bikin dalam gelap n di balkoni dgn Sudin Road masa org takdak? Sume orang tau...

24 and 25 Mac the Kelab Tekan Nasional going to Damai Laut Resort in Lumut for a treasure hunt organised by the club of which the president is The Batu. I am cock sure Sudin Road will be there as always (kununnya lending support), if not then orang tak la kata "if you see one, you will see the other".

One of The Batu's buddy, selg-proclaimed Lord Greystoke (sacked by NST and joined Perdana Leadership Foundation), is now somewhere near the Tower Bridge, suppossedly reading international politics for his masters degree. Heloo Brada, lu mau tipu sapa? Lu xdak pun 1st degree amacam mau baca masters ...ada diploma yang tak laku dpd itm arau in public admin. He was was one the 48 undergrads in that campus detained for 14 days under Section 117 of CPC for suspicion of being a ganja user. That was a long time ago, i know...i was there watching all these taking place.

Brada, you may have forgotten or pretend to have forgotten. Well...i dont actually

Dek Mat said...

freethinker: interesting point about how easy it is for ppl who read blogs to be misdirected. is the blogosphere already beginning to be like the ancient Roma, where the power of the mob was leveraged upon.

It may be a disheartening thought but yes, many readers of the blogosphere could be just that, a part of the mob.

Dek Mat said...

elanor: exactly! even at parliament trivial things are being discussed much to my chagrin.

I did not pay my income taxes for them to talk abt how much of an idiot the other MP is.

We as rakyats should demand, if they spend more time talking about themselves, we shud cut away a proportional amount of their salary. (hmm this shud apply to their attendance as well. we shud force them to appear at least 80% the time too!)

Dek Mat said...

anonymous: i will refrain myself from commenting on your accusations for the lack of my better judgement that you may actually trying to illustrate the view how rumours can be damaging and malicious.

however i will comment on this: Lu xdak pun 1st degree amacam mau baca masters ...ada diploma yang tak laku dpd itm arau in public admin.

for your information you dont really need to have a first degree to do some masters course. If you have enough experience on the subject matter that shud be enough provided that you could pass the other basic aptitude tests for entry into the program.

secondly to accuse a diploma of being "tak laku" sugegsting that it's the person's fault is quite unfair because

1) by ur comments it seems to me that he had managed to gain a comfortable employment and

2)you shud bring the issue of accreditation of the diploma with employer or the education ministry itself.

Anonymous said...


I was in the same class for the public admin diploma at itm arau many, many years back. Upon my report for duty at a govt agncy i was told that "diploma encik tak dikira sangat kalau nak ke jawatan Kumpulan A. Setidak-tidaknya Encik kena ada diploma itm yang diiktiraf sebagai ijazah pertama."

Si i have to endure all this and wotk for the next 4 years to save enough money to see me read mass comm at the very same itm. I graduated with a diploma but it is recognised as a first degree. After working for 10 years i put myself into a masters degree program in political science in ohio and now pursuing my doctorate in international relations at ukm.

Insyallah i will complete my tesis and qualify as a dr in intl rltns and if anyone should question my credentials, i will always say "hey brada, i have had real education, not with some half-cooked masters in my bag. The real deal!" Well, i heard of such program which recognises your years of working experience to be accepted and with entry exam you should get a placement to read masters. There is one in a Cardiff college. But is it recognised?. You want recognition and not a job because you can get a job with a diploma and the reason you read masters is recognition. There are many shortcuts but believe me the long road to success is more honorable. But then again, with a diploma and then a masters with a big question mark on your first degree your resume does not look nice and ppl will always question your credentials. "Ada baca ka," ppl will always say. I am talking about the reason to have masters, not the need. Get ma drift?

Me? Well..nobody can lah...

johnleemk said...

I know I sound like a sycophant, but this post just reminded me so much why I love this blog. :p

Anonymous said...

Mind your england.. The header shd read WHO's your daddy now, not WHOSE.

Dek Mat said...

anonymous: actually one shudnt learn knowledge for recognition. ideally one shud seek knowledge for the sake of understanding more of this world and to apply it to make a better living.

Wudnt that suffice?

Dek Mat said...

johnleemk: you're too kind! well u can still vote for us in the coming elections...

just write sipm in all the boxes on the ballot paper!

don't worry we will know that you've voted for us for we have eyes everywhere...

and when the time comes, who knows maybe we'll jack out ourselves into the real world: like agent smith in the matrix ;)

Dek Mat said...

Anonymous: you said...

Mind your england.. The header shd read WHO's your daddy now, not WHOSE.

FYI click here. Maybe old farts can learn new tricks afterall? ;)