Friday, March 23, 2007

Kuliyyah Jummat (1): Jangan Sebar Penyakit Untuk Mengingati Orang

Tawfik rejected it. He said a memorial can be a plague which costs much much less to build. "Why waste that kind of money? I am a taxpayers, too," he told Screenshots in JB yesterday.
Saya terkejut dengan laporan Jeff Ooi pagi tadi.

Terus ingin membuat komen.
"Plague? for RM7.3million for a plague, i'm sure the Centre for Disease Control in the USA will be interested in the virus.

It's dirt cheap! ;)"
Janganlah kita membuat pelbagai penyakit untuk mengingati orang.

Terutama sekali untuk bekas Timbalan Perdana Menteri yang sangat disanjungi...

Tetapi kalau dedikasi dan ketekunanTun Dr Ismail untuk Malaysia adalah satu penyakit, I'd wanna catch his disease! ;)


Azer Mantessa said...

Taman Tun Dr. Ismail is fine with me :-)

Dek Mat said...

azer mantessa: but some like plagues...

oh apparently my comment is still not approved by Jeff :( sigh it's his blog anyway

however he did change the 'plague' to a 'small plague'...

penyakit kecil... hahahahahahahhahaahahahahahahaha

Azer Mantessa said...

or does he mean plaque? ... that thing on the teeth.

Dek Mat said...

azer: yes that and also according to

1. a thin, flat plate or tablet of metal, porcelain, etc., intended for ornament, as on a wall, or set in a piece of furniture.

but its actually:

2. an inscribed commemorative tablet, usually of metal placed on a building, monument, or the like.

but too bad Jeff Ooi corrected it already, some loser told him abt us taking the piss.

Bummer. Spoil our fun only.

"Penembak Pencuri" Unite!

Dahlah English bad, bahasa malaysia also bad hhahahahha