Friday, March 23, 2007

Frogs dog blogs

It's Friday and it has been raining this past week. It is also World Meteorological Day.

And blogs and bloggers have been under attack by the powers-that-be unable to figure out that they no longer hold sway in controlling information or disinformation.

That everyone can provide both. And they do.

That frogs can either hop about and croak or stay under the coconut shell and still croak.

Rub it. Rub it. Yes, we are rubbing it in.


Azer Mantessa said...

meantime ... am a cat with high curiosity ... will kill me one day?

erks ... purrrrr

Anonymous said...

Gr8 video. Who are the ppl behind it? Dialogue of the 3 men sounds so natural. Now, wish i understand kelate.
Nowadays, i find m visitng yr site daily.

Dek Mat said...

anonymous: thanks for visiting, we apreciate fans. if you're a hot chick we don't mind forming groupies too! ;)

u still can understand kelate... just find a kelate-nese friend and learn! :)

we don't know who is behind the video except that his name is fakry, he wears a "KMK" jacket and the video sports a red logo that has a big white thingy that looks like an "M"...

hmm did i say we didn't know who's behind the video?

Dek Mat said...

azer: cats hv nine lives, u'll need to hv 9 curiosities...