Monday, April 23, 2007


We have been relaxing! Can't you tell? The lack of posts is a dead give away.

Yeah! We hiked over to Machap weeks ago for the Bukkake Network and Democrazy Akshen Parti mash-up and over the weekend trudged over to Ijok to see the idiocy between the parties-at-war - Bukkake Network and Parti Kera Raba Raba.

Since we don't buy elections, we didn't take part nor did we even bother to put our two cents' worth of punditry.

Suffice to say we are not buying into a whole load of cow-dung and bull-shit that is the verbal diarrhea being spouted by all and sundry.

For example, the latest pearl of wisdom from the most-beloved-and-now-tolerated Dr Mahathir Mohamad , about his successor Abdullah Ahmad Badawi serving one term as prime minister before making way for his deputy Najib Abdul Razak.

Prescient, Mahathir is indeed. And if so, he would have known a lot about all his ex-deputies and their penchant to either overthrow him or overstay their welcome. Yeah, right!

Maybe is former deputy Anwar Ibrahim was right in saying that Mahathir has become a revisionist historian in alluding to his time in power and the glory he brought to Malaysia.

Then again, Anwar seems to be talking from both sides of the mouth too, making allusions and dropping innuendoes about Najib Abdul Razak when it was the same kind of talk that felled Anwar from grace.

With all this entertainment to keep us enthralled and stuck to the cyberworld, do we even have time to write our peace?

No! It is time to relax.

And see all the fun!


Azer Mantessa said...

i'm having a lot of fun :-)

btw, u guys are ivited to listen to my music at:


p.s: i'm not even a musician, just that i thot better create sumthing than talking nonsense :-)

Dek Mat said...

azer mantessa: just came back from listening to some of your music.

trippy stuff indeed! well done!

Mat Merah said...

Great man! Music to chill by as the water bottles fly...