Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Rock the Vote, errrr.. Boat!

Funny. Take one sleepy town called Ijok.
Add one dead lawmaker.
Equals a by-election that is the centre of attraction in Malaysia.

And shitloads of tax-payers' money to shoddily resurface roads and other "development" projects that are the hallmarks of third-rate third-world politics. Its our tax money and I hope they enjoy it before the general elections are called.

Oh, I forgot! Its raining water-bottles in the constituency now known for voting geriatrics and those barely-circumcised, as the case may be!

Lucky bastards! Its normal acid rain over in Kuala Lumpur and suburbs.

While the parties-at-war slug it out for the votes of the 12,000-odd that make up the Ijok state seat, thousands of others are encouraging them to continue putting in a ruling coalition candidate or make a stand against the powers-that-be.

Seems like a kind of guilt complex to me! Should the Ijok-ians salve our conscience of continuously sticking with the devils that we know rather than those we don't or don't ever want to know?

Should they vote for development - shoddy roads and such - or take it and vote for a man who was once part of the establishment but now sidelined and hankering to reform Malaysia through an alliance that have seen better days not once but twice?


Well, that's the conundrum, isn't it? Should Ijok do for us what we cannot do for ourselves? Or should we - the citizens of Malaysia and those who can vote - do it ourselves in the next general elections?

Is Ijok our one small step for man to rock the vote, err.. boat that is the ruling coalition?

And what would be our giant leap for mankind?

You tell me!

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