Thursday, April 26, 2007

Surreal Sureties

Today Jeff Ooi wrote that he "relish(es) the distinct stature as an individual who have the ears of leaders from the Other Side of the the present day political divide. Not many bloggers could have done that, perhaps. So, I should take all the rumours as a compliment, even a chip on the shoulder."


"Not many could have done that, perhaps"


"So, I should take all the rumours as a compliment, even a chip on the shoulder."

Chip on his shoulder - Having a harboured grievance or sense of inferiority and being quick to take offence.

So Jeff is taking it as a compliment but he'll be quick to take offence.

I'm more confused than earlier.

Maybe I should have not drank too much last night.

Perhaps his title of "Ijok, I-joke" is apt.

Jeff Ooi is a joke.

Then we have this from Bernama:

Zainuddin Protests To BBC Over Air Time For Rejected Leaders

So what.

So what if the BBC airs Anwar. Like the many people that do watch the BBC will vote in Ijok anyway.

Maybe ZAM is jealous that he himself didn't get interviewed.

Such protests are a waste of public funds.

ZAM should put the money to good use and maybe spend it to beautify RTM's toilets.

Sometimes I wake up, I wonder if I woke up in the middle of the twilight zone.

With all these news and Alanis Morissette's new music video of her song "My Humps", maybe I am in the twilight zone.

Too do too doooooo too doo tooo dooooooooo......

UPDATE: For the ultimate surreal effect, play both videos at the same time! =)

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gier said...


Heh heh! It's not the first time that Jeff's unique phraseology is on display. Take this , where the second line reads:

"April 14, Screenshots cajoled the readers by saying that any YB who dies in office can benefit local communities by bringing in by-election goodies."

Am no England expert myself, by I don't think cajole is the right word there.

here, where he replied to my comment by saying:

"JEFF OOI says: Dr Yusseri, looking at what you just said, is this how your head is wired that you are so clever in framing Roger Rabbit? Duh! ;-)"

In that particular example, there entire sentence was ... baffling.

Personally, I've been trying to learn Jeffspeak myself, but it's not been easy.