Sunday, March 02, 2008

SiPM Manifesto: The Power of 4G

Heyy babes!

Things are looking super duper for the Siber Party of Malaysia (M) as we have won all our parliamentary seats uncontested!!! Awesome!

So I wanna like say congratulations and felicitations to SiPM's four new parliamentarians: Yang Bukan Blogger (YBB) Dek Mat of Kencing Setan (P.666), YBB Tatak Sombong of Sungei Wang (P.888), YBB Mat Merah of File Not Found (P.404) and YBB Mydeen Aboo Backer of Mamak Maju (P.786).

And of course congratulations and felicitations to me too for successfully defending my seat. Like duhh!

And more good news!

We are like absolutely ecstatic with the results and we have decided to like to go allll the way and contest in all Parliament Seats.

And of course all you guys and gals out there will want to know hey what else right?

Unlike the other parties in Malaysia, SiPM is soo committed to lead Malaysia into new heights, and depriving Barisan Nasional their 2/3 majority will result in no change, like come on! How can you make changes in Parliament if the opposition has less than 2/3?? Its like, got to be total, man! Now wouldn't that be totally rad!

Denying BN the 2/3 majority would like preserve the status quo in Parliament - nothing would move and all would be bogged down with politicking and not the business of running the country.

Fact is, Status quo should just remain a band from the 70s.

Oh.My.God! Why couldn't they think of this?

Anyway getting on with our program for the day, here's our tripendicular Manifesto, folks!


  1. Legalise IT: Parties of all kinds - political and festive, sexual and tupperware!
  2. Legalise IT: Marijuana. We may not be able to stop the rise in fuel or food prices. But we sure can make you laugh about it!
  3. Legalise IT: Carnal Knowledge. How else can we create truly united Malaysians, without knowing how to do it right and like of course with pleasure! ;)
  4. Legalise IT: Football Pools. If we can't win with our national team let's just bet on the sport! With rising prices, this is another way for you to score some C-notes!
LEGALISE IT: The power of 4G.


Now you know our manifesto, all that remains is to inform you of our party logo and how to vote for us at the ballot boxes. But that's for my boys to like tell you guys and gals...

So that's all from me tonight! Someone gag me already! Teeheee!

Remember! PARTI! HISAP! MAIN! JUDI! How G is that?

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walski69 said...


Yes, you have Walski's 107.25% support and endorsement. And his one vote... wait... I'm holding up one finger, but it looks like three... WTF...

But yea... Legalize IT!