Monday, February 25, 2008

Between the Axes

Between the devil and the deep blue sea. Depending who you are, the devil and the deep blue sea could be either of the axes that want to lay claim to prime ministership and majority in parliament and thus rule Malaysia.

Yes. The Axis of the Decrepit and Decayed against the Axis of the Disparate and Desperate. Which be the devil and which be the deep blue sea?

Well, at least some of the parties/axes have released their manifestos, the ruling BN, the DAP, PAS, some bloggers called the Barisan Rakyat while Keadilan Rakyat will do so on February 26, 2008.

A cursory look at both the BN and DAP manifestos reveal that some 43.5 billion ringgit have been spent in 2007 in subsidies while the DAP is promising some 40 billion ringgit to be credited directly to those earning 3,000 ringgit a month or families earning 6,000 ringgit a month.

Subsidies. While the BN's model benefits all - rich or poor, the DAP's proposals will only benefit those who earn within the parameters mentioned. Funny, those who pay taxes under the DAP proposal will still have to pay and pay with no benefit. Quite true to their socialist roots, innit?

Nope, none of the axes are talking about taxes.

Well, for benefit of the good people - who have elected the entire slate of Siber Party of Malaysia (M) candidates (Did you see, hear or read anyone contesting in the five seats we are in?) - and those who will on March 8, 2008 - let us give you a glimpse of our manifesto.

You know what we can do! And you know our feelings and philosophies. No race-based or faith-based policies but an inclusive policy for all Malaysians, even those with faith or the faithless.

We will care for all.

More than that, in response to Hafiz Noor Shams - our favourite mad druid - we would like to point out something quite fundamental about the Siber Party of Malaysia (M).

We are not bloggers! Yes! Shocking but true. We are not bloggers!

While we read blogs and we do operate a blog, it is only our platform and website to inform the good citizens of Malaysia about our views and policies on matters that concern all Malaysians.

Which also means we are not going to support a blogger because he or she is a blogger. we want to know their stand, their approach, their policies, philosophies, politics on all things Malaysian and the world.

It is not good enough to be a blogger to get support. For that matter, it is not good enough to stand for elections and expect or cajole or persuade or threaten to get support.

Tell us what you can and will do. Promises are double-edged swords that can be used for good or evil.

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