Tuesday, April 15, 2008

May The Farce Be With You

Notwithstanding the March 8 polls results, you know the world has changed when people start comparing unifying-divisive Khairy Jamaluddin to Anakin Skywalker/Darth Vader and Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng sports a turban.

A red one! Yes. Its a farce, it is!

No, we don't think that Khairy Jamaluddin - the putative polymath Malay ultra/son-in-law/politician/boutique owner/football manager/whatever - is anyone from the Star Wars universe.

And we don't think that those who gave their opinions know much about UMNO or its juvenile Youth wing. Or rather, they display a certain lack of wit or knowledge of what they talk about. No wonder it came out in Mentera's favourite online comic.

Fact is, UMNO is A Malay party. So its members are focused on Malay causes and politics. So yes, everyone there should technically be a Malay ultra. Not even if they seem to be reformists hell bent on opening UMNO to all Malaysians.

The last person who did that was Onn Jaafar. He left and left it as a Malay party. Which means if Khairy is an UMNO party member, he is quite rightly a believer in the Malay cause and a Malay ultra of sorts.

And his options are limitless but his future is cloudy and vague. He probably needs Yoda to guide him now!

But what takes the cake is their comparison of Khairy to either Skywalker or Darth Vader. Come on! Anyone with a shallow knowledge of Star Wars know that Skywalker was obsessed with his mother, forbidden love and a thirst for power and thus seduced to the Dark Side.

And Darth Vader is just a running dog/errant knight errant of his master, the Emperor! Either way, the anti-hero's redemption comes with his death at the hand of his son.

You see Khairy as any of that (pun intended if you get it!)? Khairy is just Khairy - a wannabe in a land of nobodies and dictators who build on greed, envy, hatred and dirt swept under the carpet.

Well, yes, there are parts that might parallel the Star Wars universe but not its characters.

May the farce be with them. (Apologies for the farce in the videos!)


Nadia said...

Please dont tarnish the Sanctity of star wars by comparing its characters wif m'sia politicians

Mat Merah said...


Many thanks for your comment. We would never do that, would we?

If you read carefully, you'd notice it was the duo that compared Khairy to Star Wars characters, not us!

We think Malaysian politicians are beneath any form of comparison. They are a rule unto themselves.

Of course, that calls for a discourse which we are sure you are familar with.

May the Force be with you!

Mydeen Aboo Backer said...

As Mat Merah says, May remorse be with us.