Thursday, April 10, 2008

SiPM's Dirty (half) Dozen 2006 - 2007

Thanks to all of you SiPM is now well into their 2nd year of political outreach.

And it has been a blast!

To honour your support, we are going to take a trip down memory lane and collate the best videos/post you love best!

  • 6. Selamat Pengatin Baru by Mat Merah with video of "Selamat Pengantin Baru" by Spider: Pak Lah gets married and we were one of the first ones to break the news on the internet
  • 5. Meanwhile in Reality by Mat Merah with a video of "All the Watchtower" by Jimi Hendrix: Mat Merah writes about the netizens navel gazing the civil service but reminds us to focus on the issues at hand rather than bury our faces in computer screens and furiously type away criticisms without any solutions
  • 4. The Weeks That Wanked By: 26th Dec-7th Jan 2007 by Dek Mat: In the 2nd of the Weeks that Wank By series, Dek Mat summarised the week where YB Minah and TatakSombong contributed for the first time while we had issues such as the toll, Proton, the hanging of Saddam Hussein, Synergy Drive, the floods in Johore, ban on political parties based on ethniticity, AirAsia FAX, and the editor of the now no-more Monsterblog ready to vote for SiPM
  • 3. The Chief Whips: Bound and Gagged by YB Maya Minah Black with a video of "Skinny" by Lo-Rider: Our Chief Whip reminds us to stay polite and say no to censorship!
  • 2. The Week That Wanked By: 16th Jan-23rd Jan 2007 Freedom Fighters Fight Freedom by Dek Mat with a video of Bill Clinton being vodooed: Dek Mat summarised the week where many Malaysian bloggers turned hypocrites during the NST vs Jeff Ooi and Rocky Bru saga
and your number one post/video is:
So congrats to Mat Merah for his hattrick!!!

But a special mention award goes to the only video produced by SiPM which has now attracted 81,711 views on YouTube!!! The video entitled UMNO's Sleeping Beauties has attracted links from Chegubard, Sang Kelembai, Mahaguru and also attracted 556 comments!!!!

To the bloggers who linked to the video we say thank you (eventhough they didn't credit us... bloody pirates!)

And to our readers, again, our warmest appreciation and here's to all of you, SiPM and of course our beloved Malaysia!

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Mat Merah said...

Wow! We did all that?

Awesome dude, as Minah Black would say! Onwards to the future!