Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Is Malay pride cheap?

Minta maaf, we have disappeared for a while as we had to make sure our money or what's left of it remained safe in the current global financial disappearing act. We can gladly report we have enough left over for a beer party.

Damn! Oktoberfest is over. Yet, in the spirit of Malaysia's YES! or rather Year-End-Sales or now renamed Malaysian Saving Sales, we are surprised to see that Malay pride appears to be on sale at a trifling amount of RM2 million.

That's the amount that GGMM or Young Malays Graduate Movement is demanding from MCA No 2 Chua Soi Lek, the man who has increased Chinese pride on the first day of this New Year.

Why do we ask if Malay pride is cheap?

Simple, the Hindu Rights Action Front (Hindraf to the uninitiated which is now banned by the government) had demanded 4 trillion pound sterling (RM22 trillion) from the British Government last year claiming they were brought here as indentured labourers and later marginalised by the Malaysian authorities.

And what does GGMM ask? RM2 million for the citizenships given out during Merdeka.

The Siber Party of Malaysia (M) is appalled at the nano sum asked by the GGMM. Come on, have some pride, Malaysian citizenships must be worth more than that, particularly if compounded from 1957.

Or are we still in the habit of giving out citizenships for a stick of kretek? Are our identity cards and passports so cheap these days?

We are not that cheap. But if GGMM thinks that they are, we'll raise them double and take over the country too. But let's do it before the next Malaysia Day as we have had enough of the blather from the bugger.

Right, Malaysian Savings Sales, 1957 citizenships certificates on sale.

Cheap! Just RM2 million for the right to be called pendatang and get the kris waved in your face once in a while.

Or RM22 billion for the right to be called keling and sent to Kamunting for a few years.

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