Sunday, November 26, 2006

Freedom of Expression and Speech

Predictably, delegates attending the UMNO convention two weeks ago went on a rant and rave, rampaging with their Malay Agenda of furthering the NEP and waving the keris even as their president kept to the language of love and unity.

, Malaysians and opposition parties were outraged at such xenophobic talk and threats and asked for action to be taken against those who spoke on such subjects, unencumbered by the fact that all the action in the convention hall was telecast live throughout the nation.

Predictably, the solution is to stop the live telecast but maintain that all such talk is rhetoric and let's face it, the Malays are not really going to run amuck.

So, whatever happened to the freedom of expression and speech? Isn't what happened at the UMNO annual congress better for the nation in the long run? How long have we swept all this racist talk under the carpet?

It has been 49 years of accumulated rubbish under the mat and now we stumble and fall over the mound of racist dirt under the carpet that is Malaysia.

Let all of them wave their weapon of choice - be it the keris, the sword or the spear - and spout the racist rhetoric that is their hallmark. For they are blind to facts, deaf to reason but vociferous in their stupidity.

For those who believe in the freedom of expression and speech, curtailing such xenophobia is anathema to the cause and the principle of full freedom. Otherwise, you become the monster you hate.

This we have to learn, remember and think about when we all go to vote in the next polls.

After all, the one lesson we can draw from this entire episode - apart from the fact that it has been occuring for years but everyone has been napping through the annual congress - is that the Malaysian dream is the Malay nightmare.

And the choice after all this flap is really simple. Vote for the Siber Party of Malaysia (M).

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