Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Kulliyah Jumaat: Hal-Hal Murtad/Appropriating Apostasy Part One

Apparently murtad is the mot de jour.

Even Rocky's Bru thought that it was worth his while to mention about Azhar Mansor.

So what if mansor has turned christian?

Let's assume that he did.

And he did it out of his own conviction.

He did not force anyone else to convert.

He did not proclaim to the world "Hey guys! look Islam is not for me, Christianity is". He did it quietly.

Are we going to deny him the right to live his life as how he chooses to be the right way?

And quietly too away from Islamic narrow mindedness that we have here in Malaysia?

And lastly, we think that we're doing everyone a favor by 'killing'/curing apostates.

If they are not ikhlas/sincere in their conviction then I don't know if it's worth the effort.

We're not God to decide who goes to heaven or hell.

It'd be really funny if in the end Mansor goes to heaven and we end up in hell and that too being decided by our own Islamic God.

The decision of death, heaven and hell belongs to God alone.

Of course this is assuming if he did convert to Christianity.


Anonymous said...

Well its not that simple and in Islam, apostasy is treason against the Ummah.

Dek Mat said...

Anonymous: prove it! I would like to start a discussion on this reasoning