Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Senator, teh tarik satu !

Mydeen dengar dok member Mydeen kat Kimma nak Senator seekor. Depa kata industri Bolehwood dah ada seekor, Datuk Jins Shamsudin. Tapi, bebudak UMNO kata tak leh. Payah nak masuk BN, diaorang bilang. Dah-lah ada 14 parti politik, mamak takde tempat nak tunjuk terror buat teh tarik.

Mydeen syorkan jangan putus asa, try and try again, bak kata ong putih. Kan mamak tu dah mencapai turus tertinggi kerajaan ngan jawatan PM pun pernah dipegang. Taulah Mydeen, nak dapat permit pekerja asing tu susah sikit, kena pesan kat kementerian dan imigresen. Harapan nak jadi senator tu ada, kan budak tak tahu baca ong putih pun boleh jadi senator.

Relek lah beb, jom pi minum teh tarik.


Dek Mat said...

mydeen jgn lupa kita dah apa ramami mamak dalam kabinet (dan bekat ahli cabinet) : mahathir, sheikh kadiaq, tan sri md nor sapa lagi noohhh?

Mydeen Aboo Backer said...

Depa takde harapan jadi PM, yang ada budak MyTeam tu.

yuking said...

The very foundation of Umno are lies - lies about May 13 riot, lies about secularity of constitution, lies about special rights, lies about supremacy of court, and of course lies about the NEP.

How can our accountability and transparency not be limited by the very lies of the foundation of our governance?

kok said...

I have said this before. This Malaysia country is fast becoming a 4th world banana republic. What do you expect if this country is run by a bunch of racists who threatens and discriminates its own citizens!

More and more non-malay citizens who are rich and educated will head for the exit. Those who remain will start to be less inclined to invest and expand locally.

Globalisation is starting to hit us hard and these politicians are still asking for more and more wealth for themselves and their race instead of doing their part to help this country.

aston said...

Our current malay generation is racist now because they desperately want to hang on to privileges which I frankly believe it slowly causing the malay race to rot away and become a pathetic race on crutches dependent.

I think that malays are the most stupid idiots on earth……….they might have big sized bodies bud in their heads, but they have puny brains.

Thus coming to the conclusion that they are the most stupid black blocks on earth……….they are coloured black and stink like a garbage dump.

Does malays ever think twice about their religious? What if yours believe is not what you think!

You malays will rape anybody just for sexual pleasure. You didn't read about the malay who raped his own sister?

Not only that! They yell 5 times per day and expect to go to heaven! After committing so many sins like killing, rape, steal!

Malays are so stupid that deserve to be robbed by their own government. They in fact deserve to be raped as well. May be we were better off as British rule Malaysia after all.

Malays are jealous of Chinese, that is why they hate them. Americans are not jealous of Chinese, because they don't need tongkat. They buy a lot of Chinese goods. If they hate, they would have boycott the products. Bodoh!

Oh! Bodoh! Only blind man needs tongkat.

If Americans don't hate the malays, why is there so much bad press against Mahathir when he scolded the Americans? You malays are brainless and never read the newspaper. Everyday special rights here and there……….still like your tongkat so much!

You go to American embassy and see which country now is blacklisted? Did they blacklist Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan?

Even the Japanese look down upon the malays because they are just a bunch of corrupt, fool, lazy person who feed on the Chinese income tax for their existence.

The malays want to produce as many pig babies as they want, but doesn't teach them what is honesty, hard working, civilisation!

tim said...

The Look East Policy has taught the Malaysia government the wrong lessons. Instead of copying the work ethics of Japanese work force, the government has copied the way Japanese changed the history of its aggressions. This is applied on this textbook case.

The new-Umno formed under Dr Mahathir in 1989 can only survives via the NEP policy. The May 13 incident is just an excuse to implement NEP. That is the only thing they cared for.

It is not racist to call the Chinese go out of Malaysia, not extremist when they want to burn down the Chinese Assembly Hall, but when we talked about the special treatment of NEP, we are racist.

Last time they said 20 years, then 30 years, now 50 years and it is becoming their birthright. From a 20 years social contract becomes their birthright. To actually prolong the NEP indefinitely, the textbook is required.

One other thing which came to mind………."Education when made to serve the political purposes ended up serving no purpose."

No wonder our education system can only compete with the likes of Chad and Angola, and probably pale in comparison with that in Antigua (many Malaysians would struggle to locate it on the map).

Compare to Nigeria or Bangladesh which have and can continue export their excellent academicians to USA or Australia, but I have yet to hear of any Malaysians (other than those rejected by the Malaysia universities and subsequently emigrated overseas) or ex-lecturers from any Malaysia government-run universities recruited even in the most dubious of universities outside of Malaysia.

We are all Malaysians with a role and part to play. Is it too much to ask for truth, freedom of religion and equal treatment? Why should Umno continue to practise apartheid?

Even South Africa is more progressive and have moved away whilst Malaysia is regressing and going deeper into apartheid and everything else such as religion, employment, education, civil law, etc etc etc.

Is there any light and hope left for Malaysia going down the slippery slope into an oblivion and abyss?

BN leadership of a united, progressive, modern and harmony Malaysia is a total disgrace. We have lost 50 years of nation building!

Man, you might not have the resources and mainstream media to present the absolute truth to the ordinary people. But truth is the only way to fight BN's lies, half truths, denials and cover ups, to protect Malaysia and its ordinary people.

This textbook is a big damn lie. Sorry for swearing but that is the way people in the propaganda business try to convince the readers.

What happened after May 13 was that most citizens became traumatised and decided to leave politics to the politicians. That was our biggest mistake.

The politicians became too powerful and we all just watched and waited while all our freedoms became more restricted like the "frogs in the slow fire cooking".

So the only way to save Malaysia from another May 13 tragedy is to engage the politicians like what many are starting to do now.

Some say just talking is not good enough but talking is part of the process. Enough people must talk before actions can be taken.

I have enough of all these nonsense and distorted fact. All these Jaguh Kampung thinking that the sky is as big as the tempurung. For the time being, I will let them the freedom to masturbate and fantasize under their rotten tempurung.

General election is 1 years down the road. I have made up my mind. I will vote for PAS or KEADILAN or DAP. From now on, whatever they said or going to say, I will treat it as farting in the wind - smelly and noisy.

Umno has a strong culture of intimidation and fear.

For all these nonsense to happen to Malaysia, e.g. inefficiency of government departments, financial incompetent, gross excesses and abuses, corruption and etc, one could only conclude that the government administration is weak and it is being grossly exploited at the great expense of Malaysia and its ordinary people with permanent and long term consequences.

Too many Malaysians have been living like "katak bawah tempurung" - they can see pass the shroud of deceit cast over their eyes. I used to be like tat too but reading especially open and mature materials opened my eyes. Working and living overseas for years also help a lot in helping me mature and hop out of the "tempurung".

Unfortunately, a lot more people are still ignorant - years after years of propaganda and manipulation of the media affected generations after generations - racial relationship and racial harmony are worsening day by day.

In secondary school days we still have several good buddies from other races. Ask any young boys now, how many friends from different races do they have? They would have a hard time answering you. Come on even in my alma mater primary school, for each primary class there is less than 5 Chinese students - how to have good racial relations like this?

Malaysians have been living in a comfort zone for too long - sooner or later this "bubble" will burst……….shake head.

Race is not an issue in Islam. Between Umno and PAS brand of Islam in relation to race, Malaysia is better with PAS.

Islam is the most misunderstood religion in the world because of the failure of their leaders to engage their followers in the progressive and modern world. Islam is tarnished and corrupted by militants and extremists Muslims for their selfish, personal and narrow political purposes.

British, Australian, American diplomats believed that the riots had a political rather than a religious origin. They generally agreed that the riots were the result of several months of criticisms by Umno on the government.

Providing distorting facts, a biased picture of the situations, and whitewashing Umno and blaming opposition party, for the incident and hope that students would accept them without question, is self defeating.

If that was possible, then the universities have succeeded in producing non-thinking robots; an outcome that should not have been the aim of the government.

But of course people cannot be fooled all the time. Students from the favoured group might be ashamed of what their leaders had done, and would not reach out to their fellow students of the different races.

History shows, as pointed out elsewhere, that whenever Umno is in trouble, incidents will be created to divert attention. Political power meant more to those in positions than the well beings of the people.

Only people with great strength, great mind and great confidence dare come to face with reality. But unfortunately, Umno does not have these great qualities! Learn it from the Germans.

This textbook only reconfirms Umno's weakness. However, it has rekindled interests in the minds of the young who do not know the "real" truth about May 13.

Now I tell my children, "Yes, the May 13 was started by Umno and now they are trying to whitewash their sins." And I have - looking back with other books written by the other writers to back up my claims.

Let us not be cowed by Umno tactic to frighten Chinese into voting for BN by playing the May 13 bogey. In other words Umno is saying, "If we lose, there will be another May 13."

The idea of admitting the truth of May 13, will never be done because it was then that the "three rails of Malaysia politics" - Special rights, NEP and Islamization, began.

Shakespeare says, "Oh, what a web we weave, when we first practise to deceive." Umno rule is not based on a set of view or principle, it is based on lies and if it cannot admit those lies sooner or later, its rule will end.

Most malays are intensely into politics from very young age from the environment they were brought up.

With the politics of religion and race to grossly inflate insecurity and fear, and the calls to battles at every meeting to fight the illusionary enemies for their survival, this has unnecessarily and irresponsibly increase their insecurity, fear and anxieties.

This has created unstable and insecure state of mind and emotion and very unhealthy environment for them to grow up - psychologically, mentally and emotionally.

It seems fighting is the only way of life and a reason to live a meaningful life. This is very sad because there is lack of faith in one's hard work and capability to achieve one's objectives and goals in life.

In murder cases, one looks for motives; the prospective beneficiary.

julee said...

The fact is, Umno is living in an ivory tower - totally immersed in pride and arrogance - that is has divorced itself from the practicalities and facts of this globalized world.

This party, from the head to tail, is unable to see beyond the tip of its nose. What a pity?

They can still pride themselves with having 'amok' like qualities which they would use if necessary! They are proud about their madness!

I don't think there is any country in this world where the dominant race looks at the minority with fear and then threatens and intimidates them with a sword, a weapon of the dark ages!

fong said...

Racial polarisation in the country is not caused by the country's vernacular school system but more by the government discriminative education, economic and political policies, an educationist said today.

The prime minister and all the Umno ministers will never admit that polarisation arises more out of the race-based policies and privileges one race gets over another.

Similarly, there are other areas of our daily lives where terminologies used have made us view certain practices as privileges rather than sacrifices. For instance, the bumi discount for houses.

The total sale value to the developer is still the same. It is just that the non-bumi buyer is likely to be required to pay for some of the discount given to the bumis.

But the longer the NEP policies continue and the greater the vehemence with which Umno politicians issue threats, terminologies will change and more people will talk about these policies or practices in words that may not sound as pleasing to the ears of the beneficiaries.

Obviously, at that point we shall probably see a new round of disagreements and discriminations. Unfortunately, as long as only weak people take on leadership roles within Umno, threats will continue, NEP policies will be sustained and corruption will prevail.

That unfortunately is the legacy we have as Malaysians.

The basic building blocks of unity, whether you are trying to re-engineer a corporation of differing cultural values or uniting different ethnic groups in a country, are the same.

The principal parties have to be treated as equals - no favours nor special privileges that would favour one group over another. Any privilege that is given should be given to all on the same basis - for example, special privilege given to the financially poor regardless of race or ethnic origin.

It is only on this equitable footing that you can foster true nationalism and build lasting unity, since each component group will have the same stake in the nation and has equal likelihood in reaping the rewards or suffering the consequences.

My recommendation to the government, not simply as a businessman but also based on pragmatism, is not to waste any more taxpayer ringgit on nationalism programmes until it has established the pre-conditions for its success.

What is sad is that, after almost five decades of independence, we have been unable in Malaysia, to bring globally-visioned leaders to the forefront - leaders who can see beyond racial boundaries to recognise the immense sociological and economic potential that can benefit all Malaysians.

miya said...

The reason for Umno's existence and success is all about racial politics: ketuanan melayu.

They have nothing to fight for except to get more and more for their race and religion; they are obsessed with dividing the cake in their favour (ten for me, one for you) instead of making the cake bigger.

They do not fight for the nation but their race and religion. All this has been cultivated and imbued into their culture since 1969.

They do not want to talk about corruption as they know many of their kind are corrupt to the core.

ruyom said...

The challenge is not so much how to help the malays acquire 30% of the economic pie. This is easy. The NEP has done this over the past 30 years with many more years to be plundered under the 9th Malaysia Plan (9MP).

The problem is retention. If we add up the allocations to malays over the past 30 years, I am sure it is more than 30% by now. The problem is most of the malay allocations is sold quickly for immediate profits. Ironically, it is the Chinese who re-acquired most of these allocations and continue this vicious cycle.

This will continue as long as the Chinese are able to generate wealth. But I expect the wealth generation capabilities of the Chinese to decline in the longer term. Increasingly, getting new business licenses is difficult for non- malays and in some cases expansion of current business is curbed, especially if it is seen as competing with malay business.

Throughout the history, it is always the living income gap of the have and have-nots within the same race that spark the changes in the government, and always this changes can be painful and traumatic to all sundries, irrespective of races, religions.

Forget about the income difference between the different races. Chinese and Indian Malaysians cannot be the scapegoats anymore.

While many Chinese became successful in business locally, many malays try their very hard to find excuses for their not-that-successful by blaming other people, such as neighbours, government, competitors, etc.

It is merely excuses, excuses, and excuses. At the end, they still working "get salary" and satisfy with what they currently earn, with a funny lazy simple thinking. And the best excuses I heard recently are - "If we have no tie with the politicians, we are not going to be successful" and "How can we be successful, when all politicians are corrupted" etc, hahaha……….shame on you malays.

How can you beat such symbiosis? We will never bake the cake as long as we continue to put in the wrong ingredients.

We are in our 49 years of independence, yet with the NEP, the malays are still struggling to achieve the official 30% equity? Isn't that ironic when Japan after the atomic bomb managed to pick themselves and rebuild in under 30 years?

Today Japan is a modern and one of the most successful developed nations in the world, an economic force to be reckoned with. Where are we today close to half a century? What pride are we talking about? All they know is to shout, "Malaysia Boleh"!

Will a saviour appear to redeem our lost pride and lead us to glory? I don't see any from the ruling coalition. They are all tainted for none is above board, be it the loftiest or the lowliest of party officials. We just can't trust any of them.

The culture of corruption is so deep-rooted that it has become very fashionable to wear that "badge" as a sign of power and status. It has been acknowledged that the disparity between the haves and have-nots is the highest in Malaysia among the South-East Asia countries.

Like the blood vessels inhibiting our entire body, the higher your status, the more corrupt one becomes and it has inhibited the entire political community of the ruling front. Corruption is synonymous to power and as such there is no way someone with a sane mind would ever face head-on any of these donkeys.

Let us hope for the "earthquake" to come sooner to shake up Malaysians from their sleep. This will be a bonus blessing to wake up for the future challenges. The global wave perhaps, may be just the dose to wake up Malaysians. The financial crisis of 1997 brought down the repressive Indonesian regime. Do I sound critical?

In due time, the malays will end up with more that 30% share-holding because of these abuses, but in a third rate economy, when Malaysia compete for peanuts while others go after diamond and gold.

The 9MP - after all the right rhetoric by analysts, economists and politicians, it will be interesting to see how they intend to execute implementation.

Malaysia has reach this critical point, and it seems to be a matter of time before things boil over. Poor malays will fight for their share of wealth with the rich malays. The other races are irrelevant in this struggle.

Is this government really so blind that it is willing to look for short term glories to bring destructions upon itself. The time of change is really near.

vesewe said...

At least Khairy has something in common - selective memory. As far as I remember, when Umno deregistered, MCA was there to help.

Even for Mahathir, he acknowledged and was grateful with MCA on the spirit of BN, which is harmony and tolerance. As for Khairy, what have you done for Umno besides burning flags and opening stinking mouth?

I pity this Khairy. But I pity the Umno Youth leadership more. Khairy and the Umno Youth leadership are really a pitiful and sad lot and they do need our sympathy and understanding.

Of course we all know that they are totally useless human beings who have been thrust onto the leadership role to drag and pull a whole lot more of totally useless and good for nothing human beings.

Bereft of any ideas of how they can improve their lot, they see their common cause only when they can see enemies or perceived enemies. In last years Umno Youth assembly, we had their leader Hisham wielding his keris. They all cheered seemingly knowing and understanding who their common enemy was.

Don't Umno Youth leaders have any agenda that can stand on its own without it having to depend on the existence of bogeymen and demons supplied by perceived enemies? Or is this testimony that the malays would rather sit on their backsides and not move until and unless they see an enemy trespassing their territory?

Weak Umno bad for Umno-malays. Less chance to become super rich in super short time.

Umno-malays will instill more third class mentality such as Ketuanan Melayu among malays. Fooled malays will make Umno-malays super rich. What is left for the fooled malays is third class mentality.

All these suckers want is to get rich until the end of the world and they will do anything to get what they want. They don't care about anything anymore. It is sad to see the human race reduced to such garbage and best of all, it is been honed to a fine art in Malaysia. No wonder some people just emigrate away.

Ever wonder why, Umno leaders chanting Ketuanan Melayu, non-malays are threatening their rights! MCA, MIC and the rest chanting to their community, we will fight for our rights. If they are all fighting each other, why is there a BN?

In actual fact, all of them at the top are good friends. At the bottom, they are stroking up distrust and fear among the communities - at the top, grand discussions and plans are going on how to enrich each other and what is each other's share.

When the common fools found something fishy, they will just stroke the racial storm and everyone will forget the fishy smell. In the end, semuanya ok. Business as usual.

Weak Umno bad for BN? As I always said, life is getting miserable by the days for the kampung people. Everywhere the average people are quietly suffering. What good is it to them a strong BN?

We don't need a strong BN. We need a caring government, no matter who they are.

samp said...

Corruption to the Malaysia country is just like tumor to our body. Let tumor to become cancer the body will die. Let corruption to grow to be irreversible the country will collapse.

So to control and minimize - corruption should deserve highest priority. Of course there are still many more issues to tackle.

I just could not imagine what will happen to the country if Pak Lah is slowly compromising himself with those corrupted people around him.

Let us hope Pak Lah has the courage to carry on the battle against corruption, and has the wisdom to take some drastic actions at the right timing on all the other major issues.

GLCs and NEP are becoming the means for some Umno politicians who are corrupted to gain power as well as to gather wealth for themselves. This is causing tremendous damage to the Malaysia economic.

More and more businessmen irrespective of race are working together with these corrupted Umno politicians to gather their own wealth. Most of these businessmen are equally greedy and corrupted, of course, there are some who are forced to do so for their own business survival.

The implementation of another well-intended policy on Malaysia incorporated, for the public and private sectors to work together for the good of the country, has also been abused by the same group.

Pah Lak must have the wisdom, strategy and courage to use the power of people to help him to bring the change, otherwise, 2006 year will be worse and the future of Malaysia will be full of uncertainty.

If another leader who although are stronger but corrupted, to take over as prime minister - God saves Malaysia!

reek said...

I felt so excited I just had to post up here for some comments. Now I know this is bound to provoke some controversy, but I can't help - say the comment made sense 90%.

Nicely said, this article. I totally agree with it. Most Chinese are emigrating not because they could afford to, but because they no longer wish to live in oppressive and stifling conditions, thanks to our so-called bumi privileges.

This actually has been on my mind for quite some time, sadly. It is high time that malays wake up and take action to salvage this country before it is too late. It is great to see there are other malays who care.

Totally agree with the comment because my grandparents had also move to Singapore - they like it there - better than they like it here except for Genting Highland.

It is true there should be no discrimination in whatever things you want to do in your own country. Everybody is entitled to his opinion and everybody wants to be patriotic but things like these are really unfair. I think while the balance of economy is still not equality until when when when……….

Does that make it right? Is it right that Chinese children get better results than malay children, yet are denied tertiary education? Don't the Chinese pay taxes too (even more so than the malays)?

And this is about racial sentiments. We say it is not because we are the 'dominant' race in the country, thus we have a deluded view on certain rights, malays enjoy more privileges than other races in Malaysia. This is fact, in accordance to the Federal Constitution.

I obtained my law degree not because I am a malay, but because I can. Much like someone, he obtained his education because he could, not because of his status as bumi.

What apparent about non-malays to me are their competitive drive and the sense of belonging in helping their own kind - regardless. Look at ours……….we will join forces anyone who bang our leader, family and community.

Some comment, although noble and thought provoking, is rather inaccurate: in the West, scholarships are not given to any person. In the West, students finance their own studies by working through the summer, among other things.

The emigration of Chinese out of the country does not indicate that they are rich. It indicates that they are well in managing their finances. And in the aftermath of the exodus of these brilliant minds, we are left with mediocrity and decadence that rely too much on their status as bumis.

What they care most are their families and themselves. Just count how many malays had already succumbed due to the meritocracy rules.

About the government being oppressive to the Chinese……….I guess they are not just being oppressive to the Chinese anymore - the Indians and the Malays also.

Sadly I am not interested to change all these craps. Those who made all these should be responsible for what they did to Malaysia. And it is more sad that it is our own people that did the damage. Our own Malaysians, Malays, Indians, Chinese.

Next time please don't blame George Soros for causing damage. Blame it on us.

kentanjim said...

Badawi should resign immediately. I will never vote for a party that promotes hate amongst the people.

Badawi is known for his "cakap tak serupa bikin" attitude, and this sets a very bad example for all his down liners, such that high level crimes and corruption thrives.

Malaysia is losing FDI everyday to other countries, and does not have a clear direction politically and economically. It is only a matter of time before Malaysia becomes a pariah state.