Wednesday, May 02, 2007

The Case of Over-Representation: Lessons from All-Blogs and Ijok

Perhaps it is a human flaw which is encoded into some of our DNA.

[Warning: Heroes spoilers ahead] And no, I am not talking about Nathan Petrelli who in Heroes end up being the President of the United States where we later learn that he is in fact the dreaded Sylar.

It is a case of trying too hard.

Hmmm well maybe we can use the Nathan/Sylar example to highlight no matter how hard you try, you will stumble and fall.

All-Blogs or the Alliance of Bloggers is already seeing cracks in the alliance.

A blogger named "A Voice" commented that All-Blogs need to remain non political.

Another blogger, June, who was nominated as an office bearer for All-Blogs but later declined also shares the same view but goes further to say that All-Blogs need to fix their pro opposition image rather than an image that seeks to represent all of us in the Malaysian blogosphere.

But ironically, suggestions that to be a committee member for All-Blogs one has to come out from anonymity (if you are anonymous) leading to some accusing All-Blogs that it is straying from the no censorship charter of the MSC.


At SiPM we believe in the freedom of speech charter of the MSC.

As such we recommend the following to All-Blogs:

  1. Maintain to operate within the cyberspace.
  2. Employ a working committee of individuals who will do the leg work in the real world.
  3. Allow anonymous bloggers to remain anonymous AND be office bearers.
  4. Promote freedom of speech in its ENTIRETY.
Item number 4 is very contentious in Malaysia as some popular bloggers have gone to censure commentors for fear of legal retaliation.

SiPM would like to propose that these bloggers too adhere to the Freedom of Speech Charter and if there is an issue over legal matters over a particular blog comment, we need to encourage the government to go straight to the source via alternative but legal ways and not to harass the blogger.

Over representation also appeared in Ijok.

Not just because All-Blogs were there but more so that the Opposition is still the same opposition of old; even with Anwar Ibrahim as part of their team.

Oh Opposition mudah lupa!

We recall many times where people lament the lact of information with regards to their plans for Malaysia i.e. where in the world is their goddamned manifesto?

Instead the people of Ijok were presented with one liner soundbites, and yes, more character assassination of popular BN politicians.

And they have the cheek to claim phantom voters and other election irregularities?

These irregularities appear all the time, even when PAS wrestled Kelantan and Terengganu away from BN's hands.

It is time for the Opposition to think out of the box.

And more importantly deliver their detailed manifesto to the people!

To cut the long story short, just keep a look out for SiPM's manifesto.

And meanwhile, since we are still on a holiday mood, let's keep on dancing!


Anonymous said...

Alliance of Bloggers????

I wonder what is the long term value of having a bunch of bloggers forming an association with committee members etc etc.

If you are not a member of ALL-BLOG, SO WHAT? Not allowed to blog? Or ostracised or inform Govt that bloggers who are NOT members of the All-Blog will have their bsites scrambled, blocked, defaced ???

Or only members of All-Blog allowed to attend press briefings? What is the use of press briefings - these are all media public relations of govt and photo op for ministers where reporters/journalists are bascially stenographers.

I don't see much intrinsic value in forming an All-Blog. If it is to please the Govt, then it is a useless exercise.

There is however one value of being a member of all-blog. You can carry around in your wallet to say you are a Blogger member of ALL BLOG... still so what?

Anonymous said...

Yup, I too see no point in this association. Thousands of blogs and bloggers writing abt everything under the sun and and beyond. Seems to me only the social-political blogs (there are exceptions like KTEMOC)are afflicted with something akin to siege mentality. Also, like they have an agenda. Also self-importance.
Sipm mentions cracks in the alliance. How la, all sound like have big ego?

I pointedly am signing off as
Anon Krayan.