Friday, May 11, 2007

Making Money of Out Nothing At All

On Wednesday Samy Vellu announced that it will cost RM22million 'to check for defects' at all government buildings in Putrajaya.

While RM22million may seem like less than a ringgit per population, SiPM is distraught that the contractors (if they are still within their defect liability period) or the consultants (who are responsible for the quality of work) are not being investigated/punished/fined for shoddy work.

For a government that supposedly is screaming accountability and transparency, this extra RM22million expenditure to check for defects is a joke.

This is not a transparent and accountable government. This is shoddy government!

SiPM strongly suggests that the inspection committee camps out at these crocked buildings rather than staying in hotels to experience the full extent of the defects and shoddy work.

Perhaps something else that is good may come out of this: the committee members will be able to make love out of nothing at all...

It's time to vote BN out. Vote SiPM.


walski69 said...

AABsolutely agree with your assertion that the extra $$ is ludicrous...

Oh, and by the way... I have nominated you folks for the Thinking Blogger Award...


Azer Mantessa said...

i'm all out of money
i'm so lost without you
i know you're not right
have been building for so long

i'm all out of money
i'm so lost without you
i know it's too late
to say that we're all so wrong

Dek Mat said...

walksi69: thanks for the nomination!

azer mantessa: that is by far the best comment we've seen in this blog! w00t!!! i love this shit!