Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Islamic State of Mind

So what is Malaysia? Depending on what you read, it is either an Islamic state or Islamic state of mind.

Well, just 50 years after Malaya declared Merdeka and then six years later forming Malaysia, we are now spending time defining our nation, rather than trying to fix whatever that is broken or wrong, and there is plenty of that.

What current prime minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi had done earlier, as his Najib Abdul Razak also did, is to mouth the position and idea from their ruling coalition which might not be the reality that is Malaysia.

But it is their reality.

What we can do to change their reality and make Malaysia just Malaysia, secular with no religious or theocratic pretensions, is to vote in a government that can share that vision.

Yes. Stop arguing with them and just vote them out. Vote the Siber Party of Malaysia (M) instead.

We stand, and for most times, also sit, for a Malaysia that is for all Malaysians governed by democratic principles and parlimentary democracy where all constituencies are equal in the number of voters and with three tiers of governance ie. federal, state and local councils.

Vote for us. Unlike the current crop of politicians, we like to think we are a chip of the old blocks that built Malaya and Malaysia.

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Azer Mantessa said...

may i demand:
1. shud SiPM declare sumthing on religion ... be it as a religious state as all religions are way of life and uphold morality.

2. either no increase in cigs. tax or ban cigs sales altogether. to warn ppl of health while allows cigs selling is hipocricy.

3. No more New Entertainment Policy (NEP).

4. 'Hak Keistimewaan Orang2 Melayu' shud be limited like Tanah Rezab Melayu for ex. University enrollment shud be based on merits.

5. Promote individualism to bumiputera rather collectivism so every bumi shall be more competitive.

6. Promote Inter-Racial marriages.

7. No compulsion in religion. Muslims shall be defined as muslims on how obedient they are to God on their own freewill.

8. Ban alcohol, usury and gambling - this is so secular :-)

9. No Dek Mat Jr., Mat Merah Jr., Maya Minah Black Jr., Mydeen Aboo Backer Jr. and Tatak Sombong Jr. No cronism and nepotism in SiPM.

10. Promote telecom technology thus promote concensus thru internet.

11. No internet censorship!

12. Promote insight vision unlike that generation who prefer the eye-sight vision. I suggest generation XL with vision XXL. With this vision, generation XL shall be STRONGER, BIGGER AND LONGER. The ultimate of this vision is plain and simple - women of generation XL shall be the happiest women in the whole wide universe.

13. In case ppl ask when shud this vision be realized, tell them, it's an everyday vision. but shud they still insist on numbers, tell them generation XL prefers 50 sen 50 sen rather 20 sen 20 sen as we know 'they' have the need to be filled.