Monday, March 24, 2008

Cheeky, Indeed!

Yesterday, Jeff Ooi showed his true colours by suggesting the new Information Minister Shabery Cheek who wanted to "listen to bloggers" to meet with Rocky who is the head honcho for All-Blogs.

What true colours, one might ask?

Jeff Ooi misrepresents the people he tries to represent. And it seems to me that Jeff Ooi has only joined the Democratic "Eksyen" Party.

I wrote in May 2007 about how All-Blogs was already misrepresenting bloggers. And at that time the committee promised to come out with a constitution for all of us to decide on whether All-Blogs could be relevant to the Malaysia blogosphere.

Almost one year down the road, All-Blogs has already failed to complete the most important foundation of any society and the most basic: the society's Constitution and of course, to have members.

Suddenly Jeff Ooi's track record on organisation does not look so good and I fear for Penang as Jeff Ooi is the new Chief of Staff for Lim Guan Eng.

However, the blogosphere is not at lost. We have maddruid who also reminds us on what All-Blogs is actually is or rather what it is actually not, and A Voice who correctly points out to Shabery to seek us out at the SOPO.

However, such misrepresentation must stop! Otherwise we may have to punish people like Jeff Ooi by slapping his other cheek. Figuratively speaking and maybe literally too...


Anonymous said...

perhaps you may suggest what jeff need to or how to answer to our dear minister instead of pointing his ways of answering

Klaw said...

Jeff Ooi should have asked Mr Information Minister to consult Kenny Sia man!

Dek Mat said...

well if u check out the last paragraph i did highlight some suggestions on how to point to the minister to contact us i.e. SOPO

but the main aim of this post to highlight that ALL-BLOGS is not representative of all Malaysias bloggers, so Jeff cannot say that!

Cheers! ;)

Mani said...

when it comes to politics, everyone plays dirty.. i hope jeff won't fall in the trap

Eway said...

Was he actually being serious? I read it that he knew about Rocky Bru's afffinity towards Mahathir so if actually the minister look to Rocky for opinions it will be a pro mahathir stance which is detrimental to the minister's cause. (sabotage on Jeff's side??) Just my opinion