Friday, March 28, 2008

Said and Done

Apart from infernal ramblings about Terengganu, with a conclusion which we cannot agree to but somehow, it is said and done, as the business of the government of the day is more important than quibbling with the palace.

But it still leaves a bitter taste to the concept of a government of the people, of the people and for the people. It would seem that we have closet royalists, monarchists and definitely feudal-minded politicians in the plethora of political parties in Malaysia.

In addition to that, now comes the maelstorm in the man-made monsoon called Malaysia.

Mahathir Mohamad, former prime minister and a trenchant critic of the present prime minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi - it would seem that Mahathir is true to form in following former premiers-turned-critics just like Tunku Abdul Rahman and Hussein Onn - said this

"Unless there is a frame-up, I think there should be nothing to pin on me. Even other accusations against me, including the dismissal of judges, were not my doing and I do not feel obliged to apologise. Ask the Tribunal to apologise."

It is telling that his letter came out in the The Sun, now majority-owned by his acolyte Vincent Tan whose lawyer V. Kanagalingam is the subject of a tribunal which saw some five of those involved becoming lawmakers after the March 8 polls.

And it shows one thing.

The man is unrepentant and will not take the blame for all that has happened in his time that has fouled, festered and fermented to the perfect storm of March 8, 2008 including, inter alia, - the inequal implementation of economic policies and increasing Islamisation, apart from clipping the powers of the royalty and keeping Malaysians in the shadow of fear.

Fifty years on, as we said, the people are finally independent, the palace is independent but the politicians of old indifferent and still spinning the same old songs.

All said and done, the Siber Party of Malaysia (M) salutes the people and to a certain extent, Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, for breaking the mold and showing the fallibility of his inheritance.

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