Sunday, March 30, 2008

Sunday Reading: The Lord made Malaysia

In the beginning - circa July 1981 - the Lord made Malaysia. And advanced time by 30 minutes.

The Lord then named and tagged the servants. And announced a clean, efficient and trustworthy government. Right. The prodigal son returned and was made shepherd of the youth.

And thus began the era of openness but the Lord's right hand man quit for personal reasons. The Lord's brow darkened and he launched his epoch of submission.

He took an old man of the hill, if not worldly wise, as his new assistant to remake his paradise called Malaysia, from an agrarian state to another state of mind, with roads, towers and fake trees built on dirt swept under the carpet.

But the whitebeards and wigs were concerned with his world vision and complained. The Lord was agitated and took counsel to tar and feather them. Some came back and one later blew his brains out.

The prodigal son continued his ascent as he shepherded the youth and spoke in tongues. The Lord let him approach the burning bush and cast aside the old man of the hill. All was good.

The prodigal son prospered just as other brothers did too. For the meek shall inherit the earth while the powerful got everything else.

But the son was ambitious and the Lord was not pleased, and thus as William Shakespeare wrote of Julius Caesar in Act III, "As he was valiant, I honour him, as he was ambitious, I slew him."

The Lord then picked a pious man to manage Malaysia. But the pious man had a Snow White-like apple to keep him asleep at the wheel.

The Lord was happy. He left Malaysia to its own devices with followers happy for the future and then upset with the past and present.

The Lord then forgot he was no longer the lord. He forgot a lot of things. But he never forgot Malaysia.

Which means we see the return of the Lord. Isn't that an amazing grace from the Lord? To save us wretched souls like no other could?

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