Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Making Sense of It


In the new Malaysia, giving like, one's two sens is now out of the question from April Fool's Day. It is either zero sen or five sen. Like, ain't that the truth, dudes!

Well, babes, today is the day all of us like, get sooooooooo sworn in to the new Parliament although the rest will only get it done later. Oh My Gawd... All of us are now Members of Parliament. Awesome. YBBs we all are in the House of the People ;)

But gag me with a spoooooooooooon already! We hear now that the failures at UMNO are quick off the mark to dispose the 30 percent quota for nominations from party divisions for the posts of party president and deputy president.

Of course, like it started with the former lord and his sooooooo erstwhile nemesis Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah. That's like democracy or what. As if!

Like, you don't see them that eager to drop the 30 percent quota for Bumiputera share of the capital equity, do you? Nooooooo, that just like ain't kosher! Fer sure!

We wonder when they will, like wake up and smell the coffee, not just the coffee money, in their own house.

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